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    poems for kids

    On this page, there’s a collection of stunning short rhyming poetry for children.

    Many of them are classic nursery rhymes that you are familiar with from childhood. Other songs might be entirely new to you.

    Most of these are poetry that my mother read to my sisters and me when we were kids, and I could read these poems out loud to my three kids. To my joy, my three young children also loved them!

    You might wonder why we need to share these rhymes with our tech-savvy youngsters today. For one thing, nursery rhymes and rhymes are pretty out of date, aren’t they?

    I had the same thought until I began to do some research. Check moral stories in english

    Best English poems for kids?


    1. Snowball By Shel Silverstein

    I made myself a snowball

    As perfect as could be.

    I thought I’d keep it as a pet

    And let it sleep with me.

    I made it sometimes.

    And a pillow for its head.

    Then last night it ran away,

    But first, it wet the bed.

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    1. The Crocodile By Lewis Carroll

    How doth the little crocodile

    Improve his shining tail,

    And pour the waters of the Nile

    On every golden scale!

    How cheerfully he seems to grin,

    How neatly spreads his claws,

    And welcomes little fishes in,

    With gently smiling jaws!

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    1. I’m a Little Teapot by George Harold SandeI’mI’m a little teapot

    Short and stout

    Here is my handle (one hand on hip)

    Here is my spout (another arm out straight)

    When I get all steamed up

    Hear me shout

    “Tip me over

    and pour me out!” (lean over toward the spout

    I’m a clever teapot,

    Yeit’st’s true

    Here let me show you

    What I can do

    I can change my handle

    And my spout (switch arm positions)

    Just tip me over and pour me out! (lean over toward spout)

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    1. Eletelephony by Laura Elizabeth Richard

    Once there was an elephant,

    Who tried to use the elephant—

    No! No! I mean an elephone

    Who wanted to use the telephone—

    (Dear me! I am not sure quite

    That even I’ve got it right.)

    However it was, he got his trunk

    Entangled in the telephunk;

    The more he tried to get it free,

    The louder buzzed the telephee—

    (I fear I’d better drop the song

    Of elephop and telephong!)

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    English rhymes for kids


    1. Humpty Dumpty

    Everyone is a fan of Humpty Dumpty even though the terms do not make any sense, and they are all awestruck to find him and then ‘help to put him back together.

    1. Row Row Row The Boat

    Row The Boat is one of the first songs toddlers can row to and fro with their partner and develop confidence and social skills.

    1. Ring A Roses

    The kids never get tired from the song Ring A Ring A Roses and dancing, holding hands together in the circle, and ending up falling together at the close!

    1. Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

    It’s usually an early song children begin to learn how to sing. The basic melody is simple, is a little sung and is simple to remember, and children will often be able to hum and sing along singing the words before they’re able to speak. It’s always a favourite evening when you can sing it while gazing at the stars!

    1. The Wheels On The Bus

    This version of Wheels On The Bus is perfect for getting everyone involved in the fun. It’s possible to keep it basic and have a regular bus filled with typical people. If you’re looking for something different, make it a bit more exciting and have the bus stuffed with wild animals!

    1. Incy Wincy Spider (Itsy-Bitsy)

    Kids will love him no matter what you call him, Itsy-Bitsy or Incy-Wincy! Children mimic the movements of the spider legs that climb through the spout before they speak. When they’re older enough, they can sing. This is an absolute hit!

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    Poems for children

    We know the importance of reading with children. Vital for their development Budidn’t’t you know poetry, as well as nursery rhymes, are particularly significant?

    Teachers and speech-language therapy experts are now recommending that children and babies hear the type of spoken language used in poetry and rhymes.

    This is because the phrases and patterns of speech included in poetry written for children can help increase your child’s vocabulary.

    Repetition, rhythm, and rhyme can also aid in developing the ability to recognize phonological abilities he’ll require to read fluently in the future.

    If you’re interested in starting reading rhymes and poems with your child, the rhymes and lyrics that are short for children found on this site are an excellent place to start.

    You may also want a copy of Robert Louis Stevenson’s fantastic collection of poems written for children TheChild’ss Garden of Verse.

    The short and rhymed poems included in this book are great for reading to babies or young children.

    There are a variety of collections to choose from, including a board book and an audiobook. You can look them up on the left.

    If your children are older, they can have amusement by reading limericks and absurd rhymes.

    1. American poet Ogden Nash wrote numerous hilarious, silly rhymes, some of which I’ve included in this collection.

    I hope that you and your child take pleasure in these poems!