Peter and the Wolf

Peter and the Wolf story is a very grateful and very interesting classic bedtime story for kids. This is a story about one peter named a little boy and one scary wolf. Read the full story to know more about how peter saves many burds’ life from the scary wolf.

wolf and peter

Peter lived with his grandfather at the edge of the forest. Peter used to play with the wild birds and animals in the garden, but his grandfather always warned him not to go into the meadow in case the wolf crept out of the forest.

I am afraid Peter did not always do as he was told, so one day, he slipped through the garden gate and into the meadow, where he met a duck swimming in the middle of the pond.

“You must watch out for the wolf,” said Peter to the duck, but she was too busy enjoying herself to listen. Around and around the pond she swam. A little bird flew down and the duck tried to persuade her to come into the pond as well. But as the little bird stood talking to the duck, Peter saw the cat sneak up behind her.

“Look out!” shouted Peter and the bird flew up to safety in the tree.

“Thank you, Peter,” she said. The cat was not so pleased. Just then, Peter’s grandfather came out and saw the open garden gate.

“Peter! How many times do I have to tell you? Come back into the garden at once,” he shouted and Peter walked slowly back in. Meanwhile, at the far side of the meadow, nearest the forest, a gray shape slunk out from under the trees. It was the wolf!

The little bird flew up into the tree, and the cat joined her, although on a lower branch, But the duck was too busy swimming to see what was happening, and in a flash the wolf grabbed her and swallowed her whole!

Peter saw it all from the garden. “I am going to catch that old wolf,” he said to himself. He found a piece of rope and climbed up a tree whose branches overhung the meadow. He made a loop in the rope and hung it out of the tree. Then he called to the little bird, “Can you tempt the wolf this way by flying around his head, please? I am going to catch him!”

The brave little bird darted down very close to the wolf’s nose. The wolf snapped his fierce teeth and only just missed the little bird. Closer and closer they came to the tree where Peter was hiding. The wolf was so busy trying to catch the bird that he did not see the rope. Peter looped it over the wolf’s tail and there he was, dangling from the branch of the tree!

Peter’s grandfather came out and he was astonished to see the wolf. Just then, some hunters came out of the forest. “Well done,” they cried, “you have caught the wolf. We have been after him for a long time.” And they all went off in a very joyful procession to the zoo.

Peter led the wolf at the front, the little bird flew overhead, and the cat padded alongside, taking care not to get too close to the wolf. The hunters came up in the rear with Peter’s grandfather. And from deep inside the wolf’s tummy, the duck quacked loudly, just to remind everyone that she was there!

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Peter and the Wolf Story conclusion

Finally, Peter and the Wolf story end with full of happiness. I hope your children very much love Peter and the Wolf bedtime story. If your children want to listen to more bedtime stories then check our website Amazing Story Home Page. We write awful bedtime stories for your kids.

Stories makes your children night beautiful with great Dreams.

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