Pandora’s Box Story

Pandora’s Box Story is a great bedtime story for little-aged kids. This is a story about one beautiful girl Pandora and Epimetheus. After open a Box Pandora fall into big trouble. Read the full story to know more, How Pandora and Epimetheus face this problem and solve this problem with the help of Hope.

Pandora's Box Story

When the world was first created, it was a happy place of light and laughter. There was no such thing as sadness or pain. The sun shone every day and the gods came down from heaven to walk and talk with the humans who lived on earth.

One afternoon, a man called Epimetheus and his wife Pandora were outside tending their flower garden when they saw the god Mercury approaching. He was bowed down by a dark, wooden chest that he was carrying on his shoulders and he looked hot and tired. Pandora rushed to get the worn-out god a cool drink, while Epimetheus helped him lower the chest onto the ground. It was tied shut with golden cords and was carved with strange markings.

“My friends, would you do me a great favor ? ” sighed Mercury. “It is so hot today and the box is so heavy! May I leave it here while I go on an errand? ”

” Of course you can. ” smiled Epimetheus. The man and the god heaved the chest indoors.

“Are you sure that no one will find it ? ” asked Mercury

” No one under any circumstances must open the box. ”

” Don’t worry, ” laughed Epimetheus and Pandora, and after that they waved the god off through the trees.

All of a sudden, Pandora stopped still and frowned. ” Listen, Epimetheus ! ” she hissed. ” I am sure I heard someone whispering our names! ”

Epimetheus and Pandora listened hard. At first, they heard nothing but the twittering of the birds in the sunshine and the rustling of the leaves in the breeze. Then, they heard the distant sound of ” Epimetheus ! Pandora ! ” being called from outside.

“It’s our friends !” cried Epimetheus, happily.

But Pandora looked puzzled and shook her head. “No, Epimetheus, those aren’t the voices I heard,” she said firmly.

“They must have been!” Epimetheus laughed. “Come on now, let’s go and see everyone.”

“You go.” Pandora insisted, with a frown. “I’d rather stay here for a while.”

Epimetheus kissed Pandora on the nose. And after that he went outside.

Pandora hurried over to the strange box and waited. After only a few seconds, she heard it again – distant voices calling ” Pandora! Pandora! ” The voices were so low and whispery that Pandora wasn’t sure whether she really was hearing them or was just imagining it. She bent down closer and put her ear to the lid. No, this time she was sure. The box was calling to her! ” Pandora ! ” the voices pleaded.

“Let us out, Pandora! We are trapped in here in the darkness! Please help us to escape! Pandora jumped back with a start. Mercury had expressly forbidden them or anyone else to open the box and yet the voices sounded so sad and pitiful “Pandora!” they came again.

“Help us! Help us, we beg you!” Pandora could stand it no longer. After that, she knelt down and worked at the tight, golden knots. All the time, the whispering and pleading voices filled her ears. At last, the knots were undone and the gleaming cords fell away.

She took a deep breath and opened the lid. At once, Pandora realized she had done a terrible thing. The box had been crammed with all the evils in the world. Thousands of tiny, brown, mothlike creatures stung people with their wings and caused hurt and misery wherever they went.

Now, thanks to Pandora, the evils were free! After that, they flew up out of the chest in a great swarm and fluttered all over Pandora’s skin. For the very first time, Pandora felt pain and regret. She began to wail with despair and, all too late, she slammed the lid back down onto the box:

Outside, Epimetheus heard his wife’s cries and came running as fast as he could. The little creatures fluttered to sting and bite him, before speeding off through the window into the world beyond. For the first time ever, Epimetheus began to shout at his wife in anger. Pandora yelled back and the couple realized in horror that they were arguing “Let me out !” interrupted a high voice. Pandora and Epimetheus grabbed onto each other in a panic. The voice was coming from inside the box.

“Don’t be afraid of me! Let me out and I can help you !” came the voice once more. “What do you think?” Pandora whispered to Epimetheus, wide-eyed. Surely you can’t do any more mischief than you already have done, “he grumbled. So Pandora shut her eyes and opened Mercury’s chest for a second time.

After that out of the deep, dark box fluttered a single shining, white spirit like a butterfly. It was Hope. Pandora and Epimetheus sobbed with relief as she fluttered against their skin and soothed their stinging wounds. After that she went, darting out of the window and into the world after the evils. And luckily, Hope has stayed with us ever since.

In conclusion we can say that always trust on your God and Parents.

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Pandora’s Box Story conclusion

Finally, Pandora’s Box Story is Ends with full of happiness. I hope your children very much love this story. Really, this is a very interesting bedtime story for little kids. If your children want to read more stories then check Amazing Story Home Page. We write awesome bedtime stories for your kids. Stories make our children happy and joyful.

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