Pacifying A Child

Pacifying a child is bedtime story for kids it is part of Akbar and Birbal bedtime story in this story one day birbal went to late in court and how to he handle this sithuathin see..
pacifying a child|bedtime story for kids

Pacifying a Child is an amazing bedtime story for kids

Generally, Birbal always came to court on time, but one day, he came very late. When the Emperor asked him the reason, he replied, “What can I do, Your Majesty? Today my children started crying and insisted that I should not go to court. I had a lot of trouble in making them understand and I was delayed !”

The Emperor did not agree with Birbal’s excuse and said,” Birbal, I don’t agree with you, it is very easy to make children understand something. It is not at all difficult and so, there is no reason why it should take such a long time!

Birbal laughed at hearing this and said, “Maharaj, it is easy to scold and thrash the children. But to explain to them something is more difficult than any other thing.

The Emperor proudly said, “Don’t talk nonsense. Bring before me any small boy and I will show how easy it is!”

Then Birbal said, “Well, Your Majesty, then I will be the small child, you my father. ! “

As soon as the Emperor agreed, Birbal started behaving like a small child. He made funny gestures and faces at the courtiers, ran about in the court playing like a small boy. He slapped someone, threw away someone’s puree”. Finally, he sat on the Emperor’s lap and started pulling his beard.

The Emperor said, “My child! Don’t do this. This is wrong!”

At once, Birbal started crying loudly. The Emperor tried to pacify him. But Birbal cried even more loudly!

Then, the Emperor ordered some sweets. But neglecting all the sweets, Birbal kept on crying.

The Emperor controlling his anger said, “Dear child, what do you want? “But when Birbal started howling the Emperor asked,” Do you want to play with toys? “

But, Birbal said crying and howling,” I want big sugarcane! “

The Emperor smiled and said,” That’s all? I will give it to you just now! “

Saying so, the Emperor ordered the guards to bring a stack of sugarcane. But, Birbal’s crying wasn’t ending at all.” I don’t want big sugarcane. I want small pieces!

At once, the Emperor asked the guards to chop the sugarcane into pieces.

Howling even more loudly, Birbal said, “No, not he, you chop it into pieces.”

The Emperor could not tolerate any more of this. But what could be done? He started chopping the sugarcane.

Then, placing the pieces in front of Birbal he said, “Now are you satisfied? Eat them quickly!”

But, Birbal again started crying and said, “I wanted the whole sugarcane!”

The Emperor took out one whole cane from the stack and giving it to Birbal said, “Now take this and for God’s sake, stop crying!”

Birbal howled and shouted, “No that, I want whole sugarcane out of these pieces!”

“You silly boy! It is not possible! The Emperor said. He was visibly annoyed.

But Birbal was not ready to stop crying. At last, his crying became so unbearable that the Emperor lost his temper, and raising his forehand said, “Now if you don’t stop crying, I will hit you hard! “

But before the Emperor could hit him, Birbal got up and said laughing,” Oh, no! Your Majesty! It was already decided that you should not beat me. Do you now realize how difficult it is to pacify a child? ”

The Emperor nodded in agreement, “Yes, it is certainly not a child’s play!”

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