The Number Of Crows And Bangles

The number of Crow and Bangles|Bestime story for kids

The Number of Crows and Bangle is an Amazing Bedtime story for Kids

Birbal had several enemies at the court. They were jealous of him, as Birbal was the Emperor’s favorite.

The court’s judge too envied Birbal. One day, he came to the court and asked, “Maharaj, No one is as clever as Birbal. Then he should be able to tell the number of crows in our kingdom.”

Birbal at once replied Eight Thousand Nine Hundred and Fifty-Three crows.”

The Emperor was astonished by Birbal’s instant answer He asked, “If the number of crows is found less than your answer, then?”

Birbal replied, “Then what? If the number is found to be less, it should be assumed that some crows have gone to visit some other place. And if the number is more, we will say that crows from other lands have come here as guests. But, it is certainly true that there are exactly eight thousand nine hundred and fifty-three crows as residents of this kingdom.”

The whole court was dumbfounded at this reply. But, 99 then the Emperor was bent upon asking something to which Birbal would not be able to give the answer. He asked, “Birbal, you must be seeing the hands of your wife everyday. Tell me how many bangles are there in all in both of her hands?”

Birbal immediately replied,” Maharaj, you always touch your beard with your hands. Then you must be knowing how much hair your beard has! The number of bangles in my wife’s hands is exactly one-hundredth part of the number of hair in Your Majesty’s beard!

The Emperor smiled at hearing Birbal’s clever reply.

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