Ninja Turtle Bedtime Story

Tell Awesome Ninja Turtle Bedtime Story to your kids. This Ninja Turtle Story makes your children’s night beautiful. Ninja turtle is an awesome bedtime story for your little age kids.

For the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, it was just another typical day,

Shredder’s Foot Soldiers had attacked them on a New York City rooftop. Now the Turtles were using their Ninja skills and weapons to destroy them.

“I could do this all night,” said Raphael, smashing a Foot Soldier with his sai swords. The battle was over quickly.

The Turtles easily defeated every Foot Soldier on the roof. “Dude,” said Michelangelo, “it’s like we just cleared a video game on ‘easy.”

“Mikey, “chimed in Leonardo, the team’s leader.” If Master Splinter has taught us anything, it’s that real combat is not like a video game.”

In his secret lair, Shredder, sworn enemy of the Turtles, received the news that his Foot Soldiers had been defeated. He was not pleased. His henchman, Dogpound, bowed before him.

“You promised me an army of the best Ninjas in the world,” Shredder shouted at Dogpound. “But the Turtles have decimated them!”

“I can find more soldiers,” Dogpound pleaded. “Just give me more time.”

“No more time!” Snarled Shredder. “I need better soldiers and I need them now!”

“But that’s impossible, “said Dogpound, cowering in fear” perhaps not. “said Shredder, looking past Dogpound to the alien Kraang who sat silently in the corner.” “Perhaps there is a method of building an army of Foot Soldiers powerful enough to destroy the Turtles – a method we shall steal from the Kraang!”

Back on the rooftop, the Turtles were just about ready to return to their lair beneath the streets of New York. But then they saw a solitary figure moving through the shadows below.

“Foot Clan,” said Mikey.

“I don’t get it,” said Raph. “Just one guy?”

The Foot Soldier in the dark alley seemed clumsy and out of shape. Still, he was the enemy, and so the Turtles dropped into the alley below. They were instantly surrounded by a team of Foot Soldiers”

Ambush! “cried leo

The Turtles swung into action. Using swift Nina moves, expertly unleashing their weapons, they quickly defeated the Foot Soldiers.

All except one.

The clumsy foot Solider stepped from the shadows.

“Everything OK?” He asked. “I heard”

Donatello slammed the Foot Soldier to the ground

“Wait, Donnie, it’s me!” Cried the Soldier.

Donnie pulled off the Soldier’s mask. It was the Pulverizer! He was the teenage fan of the Turtles who wanted to become a superhero and join their team.

“What are you doing with the foot?” Asked Donnie.

“You told me I needed to practice,” explained the Pulverizer “So I joined a martial arts studio. They asked me to join the Foot Clan.”

The Pulverizer didn’t know the studio was owned by the Foot but the Turtles did.”

“They you’re just using you. “said Donnie”

“I could use them! “Shouted the Pulverizer could be a spy for you!”

“Do yourself a favor and quit the foot.” said Dannie.

The Turtles returned their lair. Despite their latest success against the Foot Soldiers, their sensei. Splinter, was not pleased.

“You have become complacent,” Splinter said. “Each of you has become dependent on your own weapon. You must learn to adapt to the unexpected. For a Ninja, anything can be a weapon.”

“So what do you want us to do?” Asked Leo.

“I want you to embrace the unfamiliar.” Splinter replied. “Switch weapons!”

Following Splinter’s request. Mikey took Leo’s katana swords Donnie took Raph’s twin sals. Leo took Donnie’s bo staff and Raph took Mikey’s nunchaku.

“Face each other!” Demanded Splinter. Then he gave the Ninja command to begin combat. “Hajime!” He cried.

The Turtles began sparring with the unfamiliar weapons.

Raph spun Mikey’s nunchaku. He hit himself in the head with one of the thick metal chains.

Leo twirled Donnie’s bo staff. But as he stepped forward he tripped over it. Mikey flung Leo’s swords into the air. When they landed, one of them nearly stabbed him in the foot.

Donnie, used to working with a long staff, put Raph’s two sais end to end. But when he went to use them, he poked himself in the chin with a sharp point.

“That was messed up.” Said Mikey.

“You will continue to fight this way, “said Splinter. It will teach you resourcefulness and versatility.”

Later, as the Turtles dove into a pizza, Donnie got a text message from the Pulverizer, telling him where the foot were going to strike next.

“Let’s follow this lead, then get the Pulverizer away from the Foot!” Said Leo. The Turtles hurried to a dark alley in a deserted section of the city. There they found the Pulverizer.

“Oh, great, you got my message.” Said the Pulverizer. Then he lowered his voice.

“I have some information for you.”

Great, “said Donnie.” But we’re getting you out of here first.”

As the Turtles started to leave the alley, they heard a low growling. It was Dogpound! And he had Fishface with him.

The Turtles sprang into action, rushing at Shredder’s henchmen. But, instead of moving swiftly and powerfully, the Turtles fought clumsily, unable to control their unfamiliar weapons.

Dogface slammed Leo against a brick wall, then vled all four brothers over with a trash can.

Foot Soldiers appeared to join the battle, and were able to overtake the Turtles.

Dogpound and Fishface began to close in on the four Turtles.

“Switch weapons!” Said Leo.

The Turtles flung the weapons into the air. Each one caught his own weapon. It landed in his hand like an old friend coming home.

Moving once again like a well oiled machine, the Turtles easily defeated the Foot Soldiers in front of them. Dogpound and Fishface fled.

Two of the foot Soldiers had not joined the fray. They were intent on stealing canisters of mutagen the substance that had turned four ordinary pet turtles into the lean, green, fighting machines that they were today.

The Turtles noticed the two Foot Soldiers too late to reach them and stop them.

“Shredder with mutagen,” said Raph. “That can’t be good.”

The Pulverizer spoke up.” You’ll never guess what Shredder’s gonna do with the mutagen,” he said.

“He’s going to create a mutant army to destroy us, “said Donnie.

“Yeah, “said the Pulverizer, sounding disappointed that Donnie had guessed correctly.

Later, back in their lair, the Turtles were feeling pretty good about themselves.

Then Splinter showed up.

“So, you decided not to follow my lesson! “He said angrily.

Sensei, we don’t get it,” said Raph. “” How does switching weapons help us in a fight? “

“Then you still do not understand the point of the lesson. “Splinter continued. You must learn to adapt .. and you will do so by having no weapons. Hand over your weapons. Now!”

A short time later Donnie’s cellphone rang.

“It’s our ‘spy calling,” he said, rolling his eyes.

“The mutation experiment is about to go down on Broome Street,” the pulverizer said. “And that’s not all. Shredder’s going to mutate just one Foot Soldier as a test. And guess what? I just volunteered!”

“What ?!” cried Donnie.

“This is my chance to be a superhero like you guys. “Pulverizer explained.” Once I have mutated, I’m taking Shredder down! Gotta go. “Bye.”

“We’ve got to save the Pulverizer! “said Leo.” Come on!

“The Turtles raced to the Shellraiser and sped off to rescue the Pulverizer

There they are shouted Raph. spotting the Foot zooming down the street on motorcycles. The Pulverizer was strapped to the back of one of the bikes. Fishface sped along on his motorcycle. Looking back over his shoulder he saw the Turtles in hot pursuit.

“Keep driving!” He shouted to the foot. Tll take care of this! “Fishface slammed on his brakes, turned his bike around, and sped toward the oncoming Turtles.

“Eat hot trash, Fish Boy! shouted Raph, firing blasts from the Shellraiser’s blaster cannon.

One of the blasts knocked Fishface off his bike. He recovered quickly and jumped onto the Shellraiser’s roof.

“Uh-oh,” said Raph.

Dragging his metallic foot along the ground. Fishface flipped the Shellraiser onto its side. I screeched down the street, then skidded to a stop. Fishface jumped back onto his bike and sped off to catch up with the others.

“Splinter once told me that the pulverizer is my responsibility.” Said Donnie, as the Turtles climbed out of their fallen vehicle. He pressed a button on the Shellraiser.

A stealth cyde popped out of the side.

“If the pulverizer gets mutated I’ll never be able to forgive myself; ‘he said, as he climbed onto the stealth cycle. He zoomed off down the street. The other Turtles followed on foot.

Dogpound, Fishface, and the Foot took the pulverizer to a warehouse. Inside, a huge mutation machine towered over everyone.

“Get the volunteer directly under the mutagen! “ordered Dogpound.

“Yeah! “Cried the Pulverizer.” “Let’s get this show on the road!”

Fishface shoved the Pulverizer into the mutation machine. A tank full of mutagen sat directly over the pulverizer’s head, ready to pour down on him.


Donnie burst through a window on the stealth cycle. He hit the ground jumped off the cycle, and snatched the pulverizer anvay from the mutagen machine,

“Get them!” shouted Dogpound.

Donnie set himself for battle, reached over his shoulder to grab his staff, and got a handful of nothing!

“Aww, sewer apples!” He moaned, realizing that he had no weapon.

Then he remembered what Splinter had said: “For a Ninja, anything can be a weapon.”

Donnie spotted a broom and snatched it up. Spinning the broom like his staff, he started battling the Foot Soldiers.

The Pulverizer raced back to the mutation machine.

“Now’s my chancel” he shouted, stepping into the machine. “I’m gonna be a mutant, just like you, Donnie!”

The Pulverizer pulled the lever to release the mutagen. Just before the powerful green goo hit him. Donnie yanked him out of the machine.

“Doing the mutation thing is notoriously unpredictable.” Said Donnie. “And really stupid!”

Dogpound slammed Donnie aside and the battle continued.

Suddenly Leo Raph, and Mikey crashed through che roof of the warehouse ready to join the fray.

The three Turdles reached for their weapons and like Donnie, found nothing.

“Oh, yeah, no weapons” said Leo. Then he too, remembered what Splinter had said. Spread out guys. Remember, anything can be a weapon.

Leo, Raph, and Mikey looked around the warehousel.

Raph snapped a piece of wood off of a packing crate and swung it in front of him like a sword.

Leo picked up a metal pipe and grasped it firmly.

Mikey snatched a metal chain and whipped le around like a nunchaku. Then they all dove into the battle

While the fight raged around him, the Pulverizer found himself face to face with Dogpound.

“Okay, big dog man thing.” Said the Pulverizer. “You asked for it!”

Dogpound laughed and stepped menacingly closer.

“My mutation!” Exclaimed the Pulverizer. Then he turned and ran to the mutation machine.

The Pulverizer pulled a lever. Mutagen dropped from the tank above, landing on him, covering him in toxic green goo.

“Ahhhhh! It burns!” Screamed the Pulverizer, as the mutagen began to transform him. “I didn’t think it would burn so bad, but it really burns!”

The fighting stopped. The Pulverizer stumbled around the warehouse, writhing in pain.

“What happened?” Asked Raph.

“The Pulverizer got his wish,” said Donnie.

The Foot Soldiers were afraid of the mutating pulverizer. They backed away. Even Dogpound and Fishface wanted no part of him.

When the mutation was complete, the pulverizer had transformed into a mindless, snarling blob of shimmering green goop.

“That dude’s straight nasty!” Cried Mikey, as the four Turtles scrambled up onto a crate to get out of the Pulverizer’s path.

Dogpound barked orders to the Foot Soldiers.

“Make sure those fools don’t escape!” He shouted, pointing at the Turtles.

Then he turned to Fishface. “I’m gonna blow this place sky high!” Dogpound set a timer connected to explosives throughout the warehouse. The timer started counting down. In two minutes the warehouse would go up in a fiery explosion.

“Let’s go!” Dogpound ordered! “Lock them in!”

Then Dogpound, Fishface, and the Foot Soldiers fled from the warehouse, locking the door behind them.

The Turtles were left alone with the mindless mutated blob that had once been the Pulverizer.

Leonardo yanked hard on the warehouse door.

“We’re trapped!” He cried. He glanced over at the timer. The seconds until the explosion were ticking away. “We need to get out … NOW!”

“Not without him,” said Donnie, pointing at the blob and recalling his promise to Splinter. “Wait! Have an idea.

“Under Donnie’s instruction, Raph jumped onto the stealth cycle and revved its engine, while Mikey and Leo lowered the empty mutagen canister over the pulverizer, trapping him inside.

As the timer ticked down, Raph drove the stealth cycle towards the canister. He rammed into the canister, knocking it into the air. It landed on the back of the stealth cycle.

The other Turtles climbed aboard and the cycle sped towards to the warehouse door 3 … 2 …..


The warehouse exploded just as the stealth cycle burst through the door.

The Turtles were all thrown clear of the explosion. Each one landed on the street. The canister containing the mutated pulverizer landed beside them.

Brushing themselves off, the Turtles put the canister back onto the stealth cycle and headed to their lair. There, they told Splinter what had happened, making sure to include the part about using whatever was on hand as weapons.

Splinter stared at the floating blob in the canister.

“Do you think he is happy in his new state of being?” The sensei asked, stroking his thin beard.

“Seems that way.” Replied Leo. “He wanted to be mutant and he got his wish.”

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