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    Best moral stories

    It’s simple to think that bedtime stories are just for kids. It is strange for a 15-year-old to go to their parents’ room and ask for storytime. It’s incredible how simple stories can teach life lessons. I spent the summer reading bedtime stories for kids with my niece of 4 years.

    These are 5 short moral stories (classics and short stories) that I have found very helpful in my daily life.

    Moral stories in English

    Top 5 Stories with a Moral for Kids to Read:

    1. The Thirsty Crow

    This story is about a crow who wanders around looking for water. He comes across a half-full pot of water as he walks along. He tried his best to reach the water, but it was too far away. He soon notices the pebbles scattered on the ground, and he begins to place them one by one in the pot. The water level reaches the top instantly. The water is drunk by the thirsty crow, and it flies happily.

    This story teaches us to never give up when faced with a problem. If you keep trying, you’ll ultimately come up with a solution to your issues. If you quit trying, you’ll lose all your best chances of success.

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    1. Hare And Tortoise Story

    This is the tale of a hare that took great pride in his quickness. He laughed at a tortoise because of its slow speed when he first saw it. The tortoise challenged him to a race to teach him a lesson. The hare ran really swiftly as the race got underway. The tortoise, however, was much further behind. The tortoise was far behind and decided to nap.

    The tortoise was moving slowly but steadily. Surprised, the hare woke up to see everyone cheering on the tortoise. The turtle was on the verge of completing the race. The turtle prevailed despite the hare’s best efforts.

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    1. The Wolf and the Seven Little Goats

    Mama Goat used to have a happy life with her kids. Then, one day, a Wolf saw the children. Mama goat told her children to be cautious when she was buying food for her children. The clever wolf changed his voice and painted himself white. In no time, the kids had the door opened. He ate six miniature goats one by one and then left the seventh because he was full.

    Mama Goat was stunned to find the door open when she returned. The incident was recounted by the youngest child. Mama Goat used a needle, thread, and a scissor. While the wolf was asleep, Mama Goat took out all her children and put stones in his stomach. When the wolf woke up the following day to drink water from the well, he couldn’t manage his weight and fell into it. Mama Goat and her kids had a happy ending.

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    1. The Greedy dog

    This is the story of a stray puppy who used to wander the streets searching for water and food. He found a juicy bone while out walking one day. He was ready to cross a brook when he shoved the bone into his mouth. When he turned to face the stream, he noticed another dog clutching a bone. He also desired to take the bone. He opened his jaws and the bone dropped into the stream. Later, he understood that the bone was actually his reflection. He was forced to return home hungry.

    1. The Honest Woodcutter

    This is the story of Deena and Soma, two woodcutters. Soma was lazy, and Deena was hardworking. Deena was going to do his regular work when his axe fell from his hand and fell in the river. Deena began to weep as this was his only bread or butter. God appeared soon and offered his help. The whole story was told by Deena, and God soon took out a gold axe. Deena refused to accept the offer without a hitch. Deena denied the recommendation of a silver axe. God finally took out his iron sword. Deena was thrilled and carried the axe.

    God was happy with Deena’s honesty and gave him all three axes in recompense. Deena sold her golden axe and became wealthy the following day. He continued to work as usual. Soma became jealous of Deena’s actions and began following him. Soma dropped his iron axe when Deena left the place. He said yes immediately to the golden axe. Soma learned his lesson when God took all his axes.

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    10 line short stories with moral

    The oldest form of teaching is through storytelling. It is still trendy. It allows elders to pass on critical moral and cultural lessons to the younger generations. It creates ties with their cultural identity and teaches them how to handle various circumstances. But what if you don’t have any family elders to share tales with? Are moral story books suitable for children? How can you choose a good storybook for your child’s development?

    Children love to see what characters did and how they responded. Children love to read great stories. They can think back on what happened and plan out what they would do in a similar circumstance. They teach children what healthy behaviour is and what to avoid.

    Children learn to recognize healthy behaviours and those th1ey should avoid by listening to well-crafted moral stories. Talking to parents about their books can help them think through what they have read. Books can be a powerful tool to help you make good decisions with the support of your parents.


    Learning never ends. While some of these lessons are learned through experience, others can be understood by watching others, reading books, or watching videos. I hope you’ve learned something today. Cheers, Shuxin.

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