Monsters, Inc Story: Boom on the Loose

The Monster, Inc Story is a very popular Disney bedtime story. This story is based on Two Monsters Sulley and Mike. Mike and Sully both are work at the titular energy-producing factory MonstersInc. Read the Full story to Know more about the story.

monster inc story

Sulley was the top Scarer at Monsters, Inc. He worked on the Scare Floor with his one-eyed friend, Mike, who was his scare assistant. Sulley’s job was to scare human children. First Mike would set up a closet door for Sulley to walk through. Once a red light came on, Sulley opened the door and stepped into a bedroom. Then he frightened the children inside until they screamed loudly.

Next, Mike captured the screams and sent them to the Monsters, Inc. factory. There, the screams were converted into energy, such as fuel for cars or power for lights. The whole city of Monstropolis used energy from the factory.

One night, Sulley was heading home at the end of his shift. As he walked past the Scare Floor, he noticed a door was still out. He thought it was odd since the doors were usually put away at night. He opened it and peeked inside to make sure a monster wasn’t still working. “Is anybody there?” he asked. No one answered, so he closed the door.

“Boo!” something said. It was a little girl and she was on the Scare Flour!

“Aaaah!” Sulley screamed. Every monster knew that nothing from the human world was allowed into Monstropolis-it was too dangerous for monsters. Recently, a monster had returned from an assignment with a sock stuck to him. A whole squad had been brought in to decontaminate him.

And now, a little girl was in Monstropolis. Sulley knew he had to get her out of there before anyone saw her.

Sulley tried to put the girl back into her room. Every time he thought he had, she sneaked back to the Scare Floor.

“Kitty!” she called to Sulley. The monster had to do something fast. If anyone found out about her, he could lose his job!

There was only one monster Sulley could talk to-his best friend and roommate, Mike. So, Sulley put the little girl in a bag and sneaked her out of the building.

When Sulley got to the apartment, he took the girl out of the bag. “Her name is Boo,” he explained.

“You named it” cried, Mike. He knew that the girl was dangerous-and that he and Sulley would get in a lot of trouble if anyone found out about her.

Mike came up with a plan. Tomorrow, they would drive her to the park and try to lose her.

That night, Sulley and Mike peeked in on Boo while she was sleeping. She was snuggled up with Mike’s teddy bear. “It’s hard to believe she’s dangerous,” said Sulley.

Mike didn’t care how nice she looked. “Hey,” he said indignantly, “that’s my bear!” “Don’t worry about it,” Sulley said.

The next morning, Sulley and Mike made a disguise for Boo: a monster costume. “Be careful!” Mike cried. “Don’t let that kid touch anything!”

They drove to the park, and Sulley and Mike got out of the car. When Mike tried to open the door for Boo, he couldn’t. She’d locked herself in!

“We have to jet her out!” Mike said angrily.

Sulley had an idea. He found a spare tire in the trunk and squished Mike into the middle of it. Then he rolled it around. “Fun!” he exclaimed, trying to get Boo’s attention.

“Yeah, fun,” Mike grumbled. Boo just sat in the car. Next, Sulley took out the car jack and cranked Mike up and down.

“Whoa!” Mike yelled. “This just keeps getting better.” Boo still didn’t come out- she was too busy playing with Mike’s bear.

Then Sulley swung Mike around in circles. “Don’t you want to play, Boo” he called. Boo just waved at them.

“What do we do now?” Mike asked.

Suddenly, a monster butterfly flew past the car window. Boo smiled and pointed. Then she opened the car door and ran after it!

The butterfly landed on a fountain, and Boo tried to catch it. But the butterfly was too fast. It flew into the woods- and the little girl followed it.

Mike grabbed Sulley’s arm. “Now is our chance, Sulley!” he shouted. “Ler’s go!” Mike tried to start the car. but it was out of gas.

Sulley didn’t care-he miss Boo already. Then he thought of something! If Mike thought they needed Boo, Sulley could get her back. “We need to find Boo!” he exclaimed. “Her scream will start the car.” He grabbed Mike’s teddy bear and ran into the woods. “Boo?” he called. “I have your teddy bear.. .”

Sulley looked and looked, but Boo was nowhere to be found. Was she gone forever? “Kitty?” a small voice finally said. It was Boo! She ran toward Sulley and hugged his leg.

The monster smiled. She did not seem dangerous at all.

Sulley and Boo walked back to the car together. “You’re holding its hand!” Mike cried when he saw them.

Sulley smiled. “I know,” he said. “I feel okay, though.” He helped Boo into the car. Then he got in, too. Mike turned to his best friend. “Okay, Sulley,” he said. “You are the best Scarer at Monsters, Inc. Do your stuff!”

Sulley looked at Boo. She smiled back at him. He opened his mouth to roar. but he couldn’t do it. He just couldn’t frighten little Boo!

“Just scare it-now!” yelled Mike. He banged his head on the steering wheel and hit the horn by accident. Honk! “Ouch!” Mike shouted. Hee-hee-hee! Boo began to laugh. She laughed and laughed and laughed.

Suddenly, the engine started! Vroom, vroom! Mike and Sulley looked at each other. How had that happened Mike looked at Boo. Somehow, her laugh must have started the car. Sulley was right-she didn’t seem dangerous.

“Okay,” Mike said, “she can stay for now. But just remember, that is my bear!”

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Monsters, Inc Story Conclusion

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