Miser And The SmalI Bowl of Rice

This tale about a Miser And The SmalI Bowl of Rice. Miser lived in a big mansion at the top of a lonely hill. One day something happened that was to change his life forever. Do you want to know what it was? Let’s see if we can find out!

Let’s start…. The miser’s mansion was very old, big, and draughty. He lived there alone, apart from a few servants, and a dog whom he hadn’t even bothered to name. The miser slept and ate in one of the mansion’s many towers and spent his days counting and recounting his gold. He loved gold more than anything in the world – he never shared or even spent it.

He was so mean that he had never invited anyone to his house, nor ever given anyone a present. In fact, he only went out once a year for fear of spending money. And on this day, he would travel in a grand carriage, with his dog and a servant, to collect taxes from the poor peasants who farmed his lands.

One year, he was returning home after a very successful day collecting taxes. The night was falling and, as he hugged his large sack of gold, his carriage was suddenly stopped by robbers. “Help!” he shouted but it was no use. The robbers stripped the miser of his clothes, made him put on rags, and took him and his dog far out into the countryside, where they left them with no food or water.

The misery had very shaken up by this turn of events and shouted at the little dog (whom he had never bothered to give a name) for not attacking the robbers. It was getting dark and they were completely lost. Despairing, he crawled under a hedge and cried himself to sleep, thinking of his stolen gold. The little dog curled up in a ball nearby.

The next day, he woke up feeling cold, sore, and hungry. He set off with the dog in search of a village, walking and walking, until eventually, they came to a road, although they still saw no one. After walking all day without food, the misery felt desperately hungry and sorry for himself.

Then, all of a sudden, his dog barked and ran off. The miser followed him, only to find a lone little cottage surrounded by wild rose bushes. He saw white smoke rising from its chimney. Encouraged, he knocked on the door. But suddenly he hesitated, remembering with shame how he had always sent away anyone who had knocked on his own door for help. Why should anyone want to help a man dressed in rags? such as himself? He was just about to leave when a cheerful voice called, “Who’s there?”

Relieved, the miser replied humbly. “I’m sorry to disturb you, but I’m lost and hungry. Could you please spare my dog and me some food? And would there be any chance of letting us sleep somewhere warm?” asked the miser.

“Of course,” replied the friendly voice. “Come in.”

So, the miser went in, and the dog followed. The room was quite bare – there were only a few pieces of old furniture and no curtains on the windows. But there was a small fire in the hearth. Sitting at a table was a kind-looking man, and by his side, a brown dog wagged his tail and grinned. The man got up from the table and laughed heartily. “It’s a poor lost soul, Archie,” he told his dog. “And he’s brought you a new friend!”

“Come in and sit down,” he said, turning to the miser “Welcome to my feast. Tonight, we have a banquet of delicious rice!” he joked. The man went to a shelf and took down two small bowls. “We’ll have to share this rice-it’s all I have, I’m afraid,” he added. “And your dog can share Archie’s.” Saying this, he put some rice in Archie’s large bowl for the two dogs and divided the rest between the two small bowls for himself and the miser, who couldn’t believe the man’s generosity.

How could he be so poor and yet so happy? The miser thought of his gold, his servants, and his mansion. But despite all these possessions, he had never been as happy as this man who had so little. He was feeling guilt and shame for his miserly behavior over the years.

Soon, his hunger brought him back to the present and he tucked into the rice. He ate it greedily, thinking how nothing had ever tasted so delicious! Soon the miser was infected by the warmth of the kind man’s heart and found himself confiding in him about how he had been robbed. The man listened intently, and when the miser had finished, he said, “Your story makes me sad. You have so much yet your life is so lonely and empty.”

Then, he gave the miser his sleeping spot in front of the fire, said goodnight, and lay down on the floor to get a good night’s sleep. The miser was so moved by this kindness, and so grateful for it, that, as he lay awake in front of the fire thinking about what had happened, his mean heart began to melt. Tears streamed down his cheeks, for now, he saw how terrible his life really was. He reached out to his dog and patted him for the first time. And he resolved to repay the man’s generosity a thousandfold.

The next morning, when he awoke, he invited the poor man and his dog to come and live with him in his mansion an offer which they gladly accepted. Without delay, they all set off for the miser’s home. And so it was that from that day forward the miser changed his ways. He and the poor man became the best of friends, living happily together with Archie and Merry-as he named his dog-who flourished with the newfound attention. No one was ever again turned away empty-handed from the mansion on the hill. And instead of collecting taxes, the miser used his gold to improve the lives of local people. Twice a year, he even held feasts for his neighbors and parties for the children, which were so enjoyable that they became the talk of the land.

Moral Of The Story

Greed and selfishness spoil things for everyone. A wise person realizes that the way to true happiness is through sharing whatever they have, no matter how little that may be.

End of Story – Miser And The SmalI Bowl of Rice

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