Mary had a little lamb Rhyme

Read Mary had a little lam Rhyme with Lyrics. This is a very enjoyable bedtime Thyme for little kids. Mary had a little lamb rhyme is about one Mary named little girl and her beautiful and very little Lamb. Humming all rhyme with your little-aged kids.

Marry had a little lamb. 
Its fleece was white as snow, 
And everywhere that marry went 
The lamb was sure to go. 

And then one day the little lamb 
decided to be free. 
And so it wandered off alone 
To see what it could see.

Across the field, up to the barn 
The little lamb did stray. 
And there it met a big brown horse 
And let it out to play. 

But when the gate was opened up 
The horse went charging out. 
And in its dust, the little lamb 
Went stumbling all about.

It bumped into the tough old goose. 
As she was walking by. 
She flapped her wings and hissed and pecked, 
Which made the poor lamb cry. 

The cow woke up and kicked a pail 
Right up into the air. 
And gave the lamb milky bath 
As it was standing there.

The little lamb raced back outside 
Escaping taking off. 
But as it ran it tripped and fell 
Into the water trough. 

The lamb stood up and shook its fleece 
But did not realize that 
The old barn cat would surely get 
A very wet surprise.

The cat let out a shriek so loud, 
It gave the hens a scare. 
And made them cluck and run around 
In circles everywhere.

In the middle of this fuss, 
A grumpy goat came by 
And gave the lamb a mean old butt 
Straight up into the sky.  

Into the pigpen fell the lamb 
And got completely stuck, 
Then all the way from head to hoof 
Was covered up in the muck.                                          

When Mary found her little lamb, 
Its fleece was muddy brown. 
She cleaned it up with lamb shampoo 
And gently hosed it down.  

Marry brushed and fed the little lamb. 
And kissed its sleepy head. 
It looked at her with sheepish eyes. 
And then it went to bed.

End of Mary had a little lamb Rhyme

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