Lukey’s Busy Afternoon Story For Kids

Lukey’s Busy Afternoon is an awesome bedtime story for little-aged kids. This is a story about one family and their little Dogs. One day when Perdita and Pongo go to their house at Neighbor’s house, all the dogs slowly go out for a walk. Read the full story of Lukey’s Busy Afternoon to know more.

Perdita and Pongo looked over at their puppies, who were curled up together in a sleeping basket. The two Dalmatians were going to a neighborhood party with their human pets, Roger and Anita. It was a beautiful day, and Pongo was very excited. But he knew Perdita was worried. “We won’t be gone long,” he promised.

“I’m just not sure we should leave the puppies,” Perdita replied. “Will Nanny be able to handle all fifteen of them by herself?”

Pongo smiled at his little Dalmatians. They were sound asleep. “What could possibly go wrong ?” he asked. “The puppies are napping. Besides, Nanny can handle anything.”

Perdita nodded and followed Pongo outside. He’s right, she told herself firmly the puppies will be absolutely fine. They’ll probably just sleep all afternoon.

Before long, Rolly’s paw hit Pepper’s ear and woke him up. Then Patch nudged Luckily. A few minutes later, all fifteen puppies were awake. They yawned and stretched.

The smell of fresh summer air made them want to go outside. “Let’s get Nanny to take us for a walk!” Lucky said to the other puppies. “That’d be fun !” cried Patch. “Yeah, good idea!” Rolly added. A couple of the puppies grabbed a leash that was next to the basket. Then they all yipped as loudly as they could and waited for Nanny to come over.

When Nanny heard the puppies barking, she went to see them right away. “Oh, dear,” she said as she looked into their big, hopeful eyes. “You look like you want to go outside.”

The puppies scampered out of the basket and Nanny scooped them up. “I don’t think Pongo and Perdita would mind if we went for a walk,” she said.

Soon Nanny and the Dalmatians were on their way “Let’s go to the playground,” Nanny said. “It’s the perfect spot for pups to play.”

When they got there, Nanny unhooked the puppies ‘ leashes. The Dalmatians began to run around. It was a beautiful day! Patch and Pepper dug a hole in the sandbox. Rolly found a rope to chew on.

Lucky spotted a pretty butterfly. He got ready to pounce, but the butterfly flew up to the top of a slide. Lucky ran up the steps, hoping to catch the beautiful creature.

It flew to a nearby wall, so Lucky jumped from the slide and landed next to it. As the butterfly flew away again, Lucky barked at it. Woof! Woof!

His brothers and sisters didn’t hear him because they were busy playing. They were so busy, in fact, that they didn’t notice when Lucky jumped down to the other side of the wall.

But Lucky didn’t land on the ground. He had jumped onto the back of a fire truck! It started speeding down the road.

Woo! Woo ! the sirens blared. Woof? Woof! Lucky barked. “I’m a fire dog!”

Soon the truck pulled to a stop. The firefighters got the ladder from the back of the truck and set it up next to a big tree.

A kitten was stuck in one of the branches. Lucky barked at it to come down, but it didn’t understand. Lucky didn’t want to make the kitten more nervous, so he jumped off the truck. It was time to go back to the playground anyway.

On his way back, Lucky saw a little girl with curly red hair pushing a doll carriage. “A puppy!” she exclaimed. She reached down and picked him up. “You can be my new dolly,” she said. Then she tied a bonnet to Lucky’s head and dropped him into the carriage. “I’m going to keep you forever.”

Grrr, Lucky growled. He did not like being a doll. Besides, he had to get back to his family!

Suddenly, the little girl spotted something on the ground. “A button!” she cried. She bent down to pick it up. Lucky knew there was no time to lose. He jumped out of the carriage and used his paws to get the bonnet off. Then he ran down the street as fast as he could. At the end of the block, Lucky cocked his ears and listened. He could hear harking!

He raced across the street. Beep! Beep! A horn honked at him. He jumped back, and a car went roaring by right through a mud puddle. Dirty water splashed all over Lucky, but he ran on. When he finally made it to the playground, he was out of breath.

Inside the playground, Nanny was trying to count the puppies, but they wouldn’t stay in one place.

“Oh, I give up!” she said finally. Woof! Woof! Lucky barked as he scratched eagerly at the gate.

Nanny looked up. “Why, hello, little pup,” she said as Lucky wagged his tail. “Too bad you can’t come with us, but you’re not a Dalmatian. You should go find your own family I’m sure they’re worried about you.”

Lucky was confused, but then he caught sight of his reflection in a nearby puddle. He was covered with dirt. He looked like a Labrador puppy no wonder Nanny hadn’t recognized him!

Then he heard some children laughing. He followed the sound and saw them playing in a fountain.

That’s perfect, Lucky thought. He ran over and jumped in.

The children giggled and chased him around. ” Look, he has spots, ” one of them said. Lucky knew he must be clean. He got out of the fountain and shook his wet fur. A man sitting on a nearby bench looked over and frowned.

Better get out of here! Lucky thought. He ran home as fast as he could. Nanny was outside the house, unhooking his brothers ! and sisters ‘ leashes

“My goodness,” she said as Lucky ran past her and into the house. ” Where did you come from? “

Later, when Pongo and Perdita came home, they found Lucky curled up in the sleeping basket.

“You see?” Pongo whispered to Perdita. “They’re all here. I told you nothing would go wrong. Lucky’s even asleep again. He must have had a wonderful afternoon.”

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Lukey’s Busy Afternoon End

Lukey’s Busy Afternoon is a very enjoyable bedtime story for little-aged kids. I hope your children really very enjoy this story. If your children want to read more stories like Bible stories. Princess Stories, Popular Stories, and more… Then check Amazing Story Home Page.

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