The List Of Fools

The List Of fool is an amzing bedtime story for children.It is part of Akbar and birbal moral story in this story
The List Of Fools|Akbar and Birbal

The List of fools is an amazing night time story of Akbar and Birbal

One day, an Arabian merchant came to Emperor Akbar’s court to sell some beautiful Arabian horses. The Emperor was very pleased with the horses and immediately paid off their price. He also gave the merchant two lakh rupees in advance and told him to bring some more fine horses.

But, many days passed and the merchant failed to return back with the horses. Several days after this incident, a strange craze to the Emperor’s mind. He said to Birbal, “Birbal, I want to know how many fools are there in my kingdom. Prepare a list of them. It will be useful for came to me in the future.”

Birbal replied, “Your Majesty, I have already prepared a list of them. This is the list!” Saying so, he presented the list before the Emperor.

The Emperor opened the roll of paper and started reading the list. But, then he astonished to find that the first name was his own. He was furious and said, “Birbal, do you regard me as a fool?”

Birbal calmly replied, “Then, what should I regard you, Maharaj? A few months ago, you had given an Arabian merchant two lakh rupees in advance. I wonder how you gave him such a large amount without even finding out his address. If he would have brought the horses and you would have given their price, it would have been thoughtful! Now, the merchant is wise enough not to return back and your money is wasted! ”

“And if he comes back with the horses, then?” the Emperor demanded.

“Then I will remove your name from the list and put his in its place!” Birbal replied.

The Emperor realized his foolish mistake and agreed with Birbal.

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