Lilo and Stitch Story

Lilo and Stitch is a very incredible bedtime story for the little pupil. Lilo and Stitch story is a very popular Disney Bedtime Story. This story is about 0ne Alien which name is Jumba Jakiba. Read Full Story to know how Jumba Jakiba meets their family again.

Lilo and Stitch Story

In a faraway galaxy, an alien scientist named Jumba Jukiba made a one-of-a-kind creature called Experiment 626. The creature’s dangerous, destructive ways quickly landed him and Jumba-in prison.

Soon 626 escaped and headed to planet Earth!

The Grand Councilwoman ordered Jumba and his new partner, Pleakley, to capture 626 and bring him back. In exchange, Jumba would no longer be imprisoned.

But 626 had a plan of his own… and it did not involve being captured. He ended up in an animal rescue center on the Hawaiian island of Kauai. He hid his spikes, antennae, and extra legs and pretended to be a dog.

A while later, a little girl named Lilo and her older sister, Nani, went to the animal-rescue center to find a pet.

“Go pick someone out,” Nani said to her sister.

Lilo walked past the counter toward the kennel. When she saw 626, she knew she had to have him. “What is that thing?” Nani cried when her sister and 626 appeared in the waiting area. “A dog, I think,” the rescue lady answered nervously. “His name is Stitch,” Lilo announced.

Outside the rescue center, Jumba and Pleakley watched closely. They knew they had to capture Stitch at just the right moment-without harming any humans.

After Lilo spent the day trying to train Stitch, the two went to the restaurant where Nani worked.

Lilo tried to tell Stitch how bad he’d been. But he was more interested in eating cake. Then he smelled something. He followed the scent to a table of tourists.

“Aha!” one of the tourists cried, grabbing hold of Stitch. It was Jumba in disguise!

Stitch tried to free himself, but it was no use. Finally, Stitch unhinged his jaw and pretended to eat Pleakley’s head! When Nani finally pulled Stitch off of Pleakley, he wrangled the tree and ran back to Lilo.

Nani lost her job because of Stitch’s stunt, but that was just the beginning.

When they got home, Lilo told Stitch, “This is a great home. You’ll like it a lot!” She gave him a pillow so he could feel how soft it was, but he just shredded it.

In the kitchen, Stitch pulled the blender off the counter and examined it curiously. The glass jar was filled with a pink liquid. He turned the blender on.

“Hey, what are you doing?” Lilo asked. Stitch removed the lid to look inside the jar. Splash! The liquid mixture went all over Stitch, who thought the blender was attacking him. He wrestled with it and got the pink liquid all over the kitchen.

Later that night, Lilo took Stitch up to her room. She pointed to a cardboard box with a pillow and blanket tucked inside it. “This is your bed,” she told him.

Stitch wasn’t interested in sleeping in a box, so he climbed into Lilo’s bed. Next, he grabbed a precious picture of her parents, took her favorite doll, and ruined one of her drawings.

Finally, Lilo said, “You wreck everything you touch. Why not try and make something for a change?”

Within minutes, Stitch created a little city from objects in Lilo’s room. But once he was done, he knocked it over. “No more caffeine for you!” Lilo decided.

The next day, Nani went to look for a new job. A social worker named Cobra Bubbles had been watching Nani and Lilo. He told Nani that if she couldn’t take care of Lilo, he would have to take her sister away.

While Nani applied for a job at the local grocery store, Lilo decided to teach Stitch how to behave. First, she showed him how to dance.

Unfortunately, their dance routine knocked the grocery store owner into a fruits and vegetable display. .. so Nani didn’t get that job.

Next, Nani applied for a job at a coffee shop. Lilo continued with Stitch’s lessons. She handed Stitch a ukulele. But when he played it, the high notes shattered the windows of the coffee shop. Thanks to Stitch, Nuni didn’t get that job, either. Things didn’t look good.

Stitch realized that he was making life worse for Lilo and Nani, so he decided to leave. He spent the night outside. By morning, he realized how important Lilo was to him.

He started to go back, but just then, Jumba cornered him, “Don’t run!” ordered Jumba. “Come quietly.”

That wasn’t Stitch’s style, though. He ran toward the house. “Come back here!” Jumba yelled as he tore through the trees with his plasma blaster. Stitch entered through the dog door and led Lilo out of the line of fire.

Jumba burst in and began a furious battle with Stitch. Furniture was destroyed left and right. Frightened, Lilo ran to the phone and called Cobra Bubbles. “Aliens are attacking my house!” she cried. “They want my dog!” Lilo didn’t know what to do.

Suddenly, the house began to shake. Bam! Stitch smashed through the wall, carrying a car. He walloped Jumba with it, but the alien just shook it off.

Before long, the entire house was destroyed. Soon Cobra Bubbles and Nani arrived. While Cobra and Nani argued about what would happen to Lilo, the little girl ran into the forest. Stitch followed her.

Wanting to apologize, Stitch handed Lilo a photo of her family, which he had managed to find amid the remains of the house.

“You ruined everything!” she cried, taking the photo.

Then Stitch transformed back into his original alien shape. Lilo began to understand that he had never been a dog. that he was really an alien. “You’re one of them?” she asked, not quite believing it.

At that moment, an alien named Captain Gantu appeared. He had been sent by the Grand Councilwoman to finish the job Jumba and Pleakley had started: catching Stitch.

Being twenty feet tall, Captain Gantu easily captured Stitch with a net. But he also trapped Lilo! Gantu was very proud of his triumph. “And here I thought you’d be difficult to catch,” he told Stitch with a smirk. “Silly me.”

Gantu put Lilo and Stitch into a containment pod on the back of his ship. As the captain went into the cockpit to power up the ship, Stitch began his escape. He popped out of the pod and climbed on top of it to try and free Lilo. Before Stitch could get a grip, though, the ship’s main engines fired and sent him crashing to the ground.

The spaceship took off-with Lilo aboard! Nani arrived just as the spaceship flew into the sky. “Lilo!” she cried.

Wham! Something hard made contact with Stitch’s head. He looked up to see Nani holding a thick branch.

“Okay, talk! I know you had something to do with this!” she said to Stitch. “Now, where’s Lilo? Talk! I know you can!”

Before he could respond, Stitch was slammed by a plasma blast and handcuffed by Jumba. But that didn’t stop Nani. She pleaded with the aliens for their help. In the end, it was actually Stitch who persuaded Jumba and Pleakley to help rescue the little girl.

Nani and the three aliens took off in Jumba’s huge red spaceship. Before long, they caught up to Gantu’s ship, and a great battle began. Gantu was shocked that Stitch had freed himself. He fired on Jumba’s spaceship, forcing Jumba to turn sideways and use the lush, green mountains for cover.

“Hold on!” yelled Jumba as he made another quick turn. He swung the ship back around and hit Gantu’s spacecraft.

Stitch then jumped onto Gantu’s ship to rescue Lilo. Soon Captain Gantu was defeated and Lile was freed.

Once everyone was safely back on the ground, it was decided that Stitch could stay on Earth and that Lilo could stay with Nani. Everyone could see that Stitch had finally learned what family was all about… and how to stay out of trouble.

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Lilo and Stitch Story Conclusion

Finally, Lilo and Stitch Story is ending full of love. I hope your children very much love Lilo and Stitch Story. This is really the very best bedtime adventure story for kids. If your children want to read more adventure stories of Disney then check our website Amazing Story Home Page. We write cool bedtime stories for your kids. It makes a very beautiful night for your kids.

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