Jack and the Beanstalk Story

Jack and The Beanstalk Story is a very famous bedtime story for little-aged kids. This story about one poor kid Jack and his family. Jack and his family passed through a very poor situation. Jack’s family didn’t even have food to eat. To know, How Jack’s Family Turns From Poor to Happy Family. Read more in story.

Once upon a time, there was a poor boy named Jack. He and his mother were so poor, they did not even have enough to eat. One day, when there was nothing left at all, Jack set out for the market to sell the family cow.

As he went on his way, Jack met an old man, who offered him magic beans in exchange for the cow. Magic beans! thought Jack. Won’t Mother be Surprised! And so he happily accepted the five small beans.

But when Jack reached home and showed his mother the magic beans, she was furious. “How could you sell our cow for those worthless beans?” She cried. “There aren’t even enough of them to eat!” She snatched the beans from Jack and tossed them out the window. Jack hung his head in shame.

The next day, just before sunrise, Jack woke up and discovered a giant beanstalk growing right outside the window. The beans were magical after all, thought Jack.

Jack decided to climb the beanstalk to see where it might lead. Up, up, up he climbed, through the morning mist and clouds. At the top, he found a road that led to a castle.

A lady giant was working in the castle garden. “Excuse me,” said Jack. “I’m hungry. Could you please give me something to eat?” “Very well,” she said. “But don’t let my husband see you, for he likes to have little boys for breakfast.”

Inside, Jack happily munched on a piece of toast until he heard the thunder of giant footsteps. The giant’s wife hid Jack inside the oven and busied herself setting the table.

“Fee – fi – fo – fum! I smell the blood of a little one,” said the giant. “You’re mistaken,” said his wife. “You’re smelling the bones of the boy you had for supper yesterday.” Luckily, he believed her.

The giant ate a huge meal and fell asleep. From his hiding place, Jack noticed a bag of gold coins lying on the table. Silently Jack crept over to the table and grabbed the bag of coins. Then he slipped out of the castle door, raced back to the beanstalk, and made his way home.

Jack and his mother ate very well for a time. Then one day Jack reached into the bag of coins and discovered that there were none left. Once again he and his mother were in need.

Jack decided to return to the giant’s castle. Perhaps I will find more gold there, he thought.

Jack climbed back up the beanstalk and asked the giant’s wife for something to eat. “I once fed a boy who stole my husband’s bag of gold,” she replied, squinting at him. “I’ve heard of that boy,” said Jack, for he realized that she did not recognize him. “I’d remember his name if I wasn’t so hungry. “And so, the giant’s wife decided that she would feed him.

Moments later Jack heard the thunder of giant footsteps and a booming “Fee-fi-fo-fum!” He ran to hide behind the oven door. After the giant had eaten, his wife set before him a goose that laid golden eggs.

Jack waited until he heard the giant snoring then grabbed the magic goose and tiptoed out the castle door. Once home he asked the goose to lay a golden egg and, to his amazement, the goose did! Surely our worries are over, thought Jack.

But one morning the magic goose stopped laying eggs, and Jack couldn’t understand why. The answer must be in the castle, thought Jack. So he decided to travel there once more.

This time Jack entered the castle on his own and hid in a copper pot. From there he heard the giant say “Fee-fi-fo-fum!” Jack peeked out and saw him sitting at the table with a golden harp that sang to him.

As soon as the giant was asleep, Jack grabbed the golden harp and ran. But the harp called out “Master! Master!” And woke the giant before Jack could escape.

Jack ran faster than the wind, but even so, the giant was quickly catching up.

Jack made good time down the beanstalk … but so did the giant. The earth was still a few feet away. Jack saw his mother and called out, “Bring me an ax! Hurry!”

As soon as he hit the ground, Jack grabbed the ax and swung it with all his might, cutting into the trunk of the beanstalk. One, two, three whacks were all it took. Then down came the beanstalk and the giant, both crashing to the earth below.

The golden harp enjoyed its new home and sang happily each morning. And, once again, the magic goose laid her golden eggs. At last, the days of worry were over for Jack and his mother. And they lived happily ever after.

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Jack and the Beanstalk Story End

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