Is hustlers based on a true story? (Reality Exposed)

is hustlers based on a true story
is hustlers based on a true story

Scantily clad women, dance moves, glasses of champagne, and lots of money. These are some of the things one would find themselves through on watching the movie, ‘The Hustlers’

And with that comes the harsh truth of how they spend the days of their lives and what they do, and is this that keeps a viewer more hooked.

One of the many movies that has managed to generate a lot of buzz ever since its release is ‘The Hustlers’ and not without reason. The film has a unique storyline and began with a trailer that kept its promise.

Released on the 13th of September 2019, the movie was met with a great reaction and a huge fan following because of the movie hustlers based on a true story.

Hustlers: The Story

hustlers based on a true story: This is a movie that revolves around the life of a group of ex-strippers who go about trying to rob the famous and wealthy Wall Street, thus resembling a group of modern-day Robin Hoods. 

Four ladies and a man go about drugging the wealthy and then using their credit cards in club purchases, thus robbing them of their money. 

Driven and ruthless, they go about exploring the whole of Manhattan, New York cheating clients off their wealth and money. They do this, by fulfilling their needs and in the process, receiving valuable information on their bank accounts and there, you know what to expect from this. 

An ideal scene is that of a man being led by these strippers like a lamb to slaughter, not knowing what lies before him in the place he is headed to.

Credit cards are cleared out, savings are wiped out and lives are destroyed and that is the life of the ruthless hustlers. 

hustlers true story documentary: We have Jennifer Lopez playing Samantha, one of the main characters who come up with a scheme called marketing, which is merely a way of fishing. It all begins with the women cold calling a wealthy client they would spot at the strip club, tempting them with texts and selfies, all the way to a night at the strip club where they would finally wear out his credit card, making money for the strip club and getting their share of commission as part of the scheme. 

These women go about in search of affluent married men, unhappy with their jobs and hence willing to splurge on women at a party, depleting their money on drinks and drugs, only having to repeat the cycle by making money again.

The Hustlers: Fact Or Fiction?

Now, the big question is, Is hustlers based on a true story? (who is hustlers based on)? It gives us the chills to even come to think of it, doesn’t it?

Nevertheless, the answer is a sad truth. The Hustlers is indeed based on a true life story where two women once conspired to rob the whole of Wall Street in their quest for wealth and money, targeting high earners, and luring them to strip clubs in the process to swindle them off their money. 

The story is based on “Hustlers Of Scores”, an article for “The Cut” by Jessica Pressler after the famous stock market crash of 2008, sending many lives to ruins. 

That said, the movie is mainly an attempt to throw light on the effects of this crash, which is what one can expect from the various scenes of this movie

The good news is that, in the end, the group was arrested, charged, and sentenced accordingly to jail time

The movie, however, was penned by Lorena Scafaria, a writer and actress, presenting to us an interesting tale, with the setting being the Score’s gentlemen’s club. 

In other words, this is a fictionalized version of the article, with the plot being based on a true story, most of which has been accurately presented, 

Who were the real hustlers: The names of the women are, however, not revealed, with the characters using different names in the story.

What’s In It For Us?

Is hustlers based on a true story?: So, in the end, we can say that the movie The Hustlers’ is a stylized crime drama based on a real-life story (was hustlers based on a true story) and gives us (and especially all wealthy men out there) a valuable and moral lesson to take home, a lesson to protect themselves from these set of people known as hustlers, who can still be out there, to rob them of what is for them and their families.

Who were the real Hustlers?

Four women, Samantha Barbash, Roselyn Keo, Karina Pascucci, and Marsi Rosen, who was portrayed in the movie “Hustlers,” were accused of committing several crimes, including stealing, hurting people, planning together, and faking documents.

What happened to the real Ramona from Hustlers?

Ramona accepts a plea deal, is sentenced to five years probation for her involvement in a crime, and commits to being a better mother while staying at home and focusing on her daughter.

What is Hustlers movie based on?

The movie “Hustlers” is a story about a group of strippers who drug and rob wealthy men. It was released in 2019 and was directed and written by Lorene Scafaria. The movie was inspired by an article from New York magazine, written by Jessica Pressler in 2015, called “The Hustlers at Scores”.

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