How the Camel Got its Hump Story

How The Camel Got its Hump Story is a very interesting bedtime story for kids. This is a story about one naughty camel. Read the full story to know more about How the camel gets Hump You know what after that, read the full story carefully.

It was another hot day in the desert. Horse, Dog, and Ox worked and worked. While they worked, Camel just stood around.

All he ever said was “Humph!”.

After that, on Monday, Horse talked to Camel. “Camel, come and run with us.” 

“Humph!” said Camel.

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After that, on Tuesday, Dog talked to Camel. “Camel, come and fetch with us.” 

“Humph!” said Camel.

After that, on Wednesday, Ox talked to Camel. “Camel, come and plow with us.” 

“Humph!” said Camel.

After that, on Thursday, Horse, Dog, and Ox told their owner about Camel.

“I’m sorry. There is nothing I can do. You three will just have to work harder.” Said their owner.

After that, on Friday horse, dog and ox called a meeting.  They met with the magic desert watcher. “Camel won’t work. We do everything. It’s not fair!” they cried.

After that, on Saturday, the magic desert watcher found Camel. “Camel, I hear you won’t do any work.”

“Humph!” said Camel.

“I knew you would say that. I wouldn’t say it again, if were you. You never know what may happen,” said the magic desert watcher.  

“Humph!” said Camel.

“That does it” cried the magic desert watcher. After that, he twirled, shouted, and put a spell on Camel. A large hump slowly started to grow on Camel’s back.

“What’s going on?” asked Camel.

“You have brought that hump upon yourself.” Said the magic desert watcher. “Now you are going to work.”

“How can I work with this giant hump?” asked Camel.

“Your hump will help your work. It stores food and water. Now you can work without stopping,” said the magic desert watcher. After that,  on Sunday, Camel joined Horse, Dog, and Ox in the desert. But none of the animals said a word about Camel’s hump.

Camel is still naughty, but he now does his share of the work. And that’s how the camel got his hump.

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The End of Story How the Camel Got its Hump

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