11 Gorgeous Friendship Poem For Kids -Sing With Your Beautiful Friend

Friendship poem for kids is very delightful stuff for kids it gives children to well happiness with a lot of entertainment. Most children love humming rhymes and poems. Poems are similar to work as a rhyme. Rhymes and Poems both are like to enjoy children and teach one good lesson to our kids.

Many parents do not know which types of friendship poems are very popular and very liked by children. Children are very naughty and funny pupils, they always like very crazy and creative poems.

Today I suggest you some best and beautiful short friendship poem for kids which really very help you make your children happy and gratified. Make your children happy with high-minded Friendship Poems, check below.

Rhyme for kids

11 Short Friendship Poems For Kids

Singing Friendship poems with friends, it’s one chill moment for kids and a very memorable moment for our kids. Sing below writable friendship poems with your friends and make your day memorable and beautiful.

1. Let’s be Friend Poem

It’s fun to make friends, and it’s easy to do!

When you’re friendsly towards other…

They’re friendly to you!

So offer a smile To someone you know.

Or greet someone spacial with a cheerful “Hello”

Everyone happy To hear someone say,

“It’s certainly nice To see you today!”

With friends we find comfort, and jouful surprises!

Friends come in all colors and in all shapes and sizes.

Being a friends means choosing to do,

The very nice things you’d like done for you.

So listen whith interest To what someone is saying,

And join in the ganes That the others are playing.

And once in a while, Try lending your hand,

To help someone learn When they don’t understand.

The easiest way for a friendship to start,

Is to give of your time and to give your heart.

So if you feel lonely, just look all around,

At all the new friends who are waiting to be found.

Having good friends will always depend,

One first being willing To just a friend.

2. Best Friend Poem

I like you and you like me.

But we are not alike you see.

I am small and you are tall.

I play card and you play ball.

I say no and You say Yes.

I pick up. You make a mess.

I like new and you like old.

I like hot and you like cold.

But… we like to grab, we like to grain.

We like to run. We like to win.

We both love books. We both love cats.

We both love rings. We both love hats.

We are best friends, as you see.

For I like you and yo like me.

3. My Best Friend Poem

My Best Friend, My Best Friend

You want to be my Best Friend.

My best Friend, My Best Friend.

You want to run with me.

My Best Friend, My Best Friend.

Please help me solve this puzzle.

My Best Friend, My Bestfriend.

You want to stay in my home.

My Best Friend, My Best Friend.

I will always be your Best Friend.

4. Forever Friend Poem

Forever friends, that what we are!

We go for walks…..

We gaze at star!

And nothing tops The funny way

We laugh at all The things we say!

Forever friends- it’s such a joy!

We share our secrets and toys!

We like to clolour in our books.

We like to wade in shallow brooks.

We like to sing and dance around.

We like to act circus clowns!

And frankly every time we meet,

We find the finest treats to eat!

We help each other with mistakes.

We keep each promise that we make.

And even when we’re feeling mad.

We quickely fix it back to glad!

Forever friends- there is no doubt

Our love is what we’re all about

5. Being Friends Poem For Girls By Karen Beaumont

I am me and you are you.

I like read and you like blue.

I like purple. You do too!

We both like being friends.

You are you and I am me.

You are princess sipping tea.

I am swinging chimpanzee.

You like makeup gems and jewels.

I like spaceships rocks, and tools.

We both like being friends.

I like jeans and you like gowns.

I like caps and you like crowns.

I like upside down. You like twirling round and round.

I de eartwheels. You jump rope.

We both look through the telescope.

We both like being friends.

6. Recipe for a Party Poem

Take one pan shiny, as the moon.

Stair in milk with a silver spoon.

Add some coca dark and sweet.

Blent it over gentle heat.

Soon steam will rise and quickely send.

An invitation to each friend.

Who sniffs and smiles when you hear knocks,

Put our mugs serves lots.

7. Baby Friends Poem

See the little babies, cuddly and sweet.

They all are hungry for someone to eat.

Brenda and Bobby need a nap after play.

But, first they want to be fed, right away.

Sam’s high chair is blue and Polly’s is pink.

Those tots are thirsty. They want a drink.

Sue and giggle and play at the shore.

They enjoy cool drink… and then want some more.

Sara and Mike have bottle at night.

They read a book, then we turn out the light.

“Yum, yum”, and “Thank you”, the babies all say.

They want you to feed them again… every day!

8. Number Friends Poem

Once there was a number, whose name was simply One.

He often played all by himself, but didn’t have much fun.

He was deeling sad and blue until he met the number Two.

They were happy as can be when introduce to Number Three.

Soon came knock upon the door and in stepped jolly Number Four.

They took their caars out for a drive and come upon the Number Five.

While beating drums with little sticks, they heard the cymbals played by Six.

Now eberyone looked up to heaven, when down came silly Number Seven.

Jumping rope was really great They learned some tricks from Number Eight.

All the numbers stood in line to say hello Number Nine.

And One was very happy when he made friends with Number ten.

now ‘m not lonely anymore! said Number One to Number Four.

We’ll be your frends and play said Number Three and Five and Ten.

“I’ve had a lot of fun today,’ Number One was heard to say.

They’d finished playing many games, Can you help me say their names?

9. We’re Very Good Friend’s, My Father and I

We’re very good friends, my father and I.

We like to play catch and watch trains roar by,

And sometimes we’ll sit at the base of a tree,

and talk about place we wish we could see.

Or sometimes we’ll walk and we we won;t say a word.

But that’s okay, too, for good friends to do.

We like to play sports, my father and I, like tennis.

and horeseshees and fishing with flies.

In winter we’ll go for a romp in the snow!

In summer we’ll play at the beach the whole day!

But them there are times that we just sit and stare.

at far distant stars that light the night air.

We really like stars, my father and I.

And always we’re happy just being together,

Like clams in the sand or birds of a feather.

We like go to camping and we like to play cards.

We even like mowing and hoeing the yard.

But once in a while, we’ll just take a drive,

and feel all the gladness of being alive.

We always have fun, my father and I.

10. A Rainbow Friends.

Some friends are funny, Some friends are stars.

Some friends wear clothing that’s different from ours.

But all friends are special and add in some way,

To the richeness of life, How we think, what we say.

A rainbow of friends is deam we can share,

where everyone’s treated with kindness and care.

A friend may be challenged in movement or speech.

A friend may be distant or difficult to reach.

Still, each driend is given a share of our hearts,

so no one feels different, unloved, or apart.

A rainbow of friends is a chance for us all,

To help one nother when we stumble or fall.

we have our interest, we have our views,

We all have our strengths and our weknesses too.

And though we may wander a bit wide or far,

Our friends still accept us the way that we are.

A rainbow of friends is a bonding together,

that wases our journey through all kinds of weather.

If we work hand in hand, all jobs can be done.

if we play as a team, we’ve already won.

Our goals can be reached with the greatest success,

by trustung that others are doing their best.

So reach out with love to the people you meet,

and offer a smile to all those you greet.

The world is a family whose happiness depends,

on a circle of caring on a rainbow of friend.

11. Valentine Friends Poem

Dog draws, Cat cuts.

Pig pasters, Snail shuts.

Friends make valentines!

Penguin pours, Seal sifts.

Stork stirs, Lion lifts.

Friends bake Valentines!

Though half fun is in preparing

Valentine’s day is made for sharing!

Which Is Very Best For Kids Poems or Rhymes

Poems and Rhymes are very awful content for kids and it gives very joy to your children. I suggest rhyme is very easy and simple memorable stuff for little kids. In shortage, children can’t remember and understand hard things.

One of the strong points of Rhymes is that they have the same pronunciation of the last words, so that’s why Rhymes are simple and easily remember for the children, then we should mostly suggest Rhymes for children of 3-5 Ages.

Best Friendship Poems On Youtube

Listen to good Poems create on youtube. All poems are very cool and very joyful for little kids. Listen to all friendship poems on youtube with your beautiful friends.

1. Sharing caring Friends Poem By Periwinkle

2. Friends emotional Poem On Youtube By Dipti Cuttackwali

3. Friend Poem by P. J. Manilal

I hope you find good and very helpful ideas and directions that should become very useful to you. In all articles, I present you some writable poems on friends and on youtube. Your continuous support is always encouraging me to create greater content for you. My special thanks to you to become some peace of joy to our Amazing Story community.

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