Read 20 Astounding Good Jokes For Kids(It’s Different)

Today I will tell you something different and funny and also teachable good jokes for kids. But before that, I want to tell you something and remove the problem of many people.

Do you know that, why parents tell good jokes to their children? Many times these questions must have arisen in your mind that, How do children benefit from listening to really good jokes for kids? And which jokes should we tell the children?

According to our research, as many as 90 out of 100 children are very naughty and funny. Children love playing all day, laughing and he really likes to be in his joy.

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Who Came First

Question: Which Came First, The chicken Or The Egg?

Answer: The Chicken, Of Course. God Couldn’t Lay an Egg.

140 Pound Mouth

Jerry: “How Much To You Weight?”

Tom: “Oh, about 150 Pounds.”

Jerry: “I’ll bet 140 of that is mouth!”

Smart Oil

Princess: “This Oil makes my leg Smart”

Prince: “Try rubbing it on your head”

Plastic Surgeon

Mom: “Everyone Says I Got My Good Looks From My Father.”

Son: “Oh? Is He a Plastic Surgeon?”

The Rainbow Tie

Robin: “That’s a Beautiful Rainbow Tie You are Wearing!”

Bob: “What do You mean by a ‘Rainbow Tie?’ “

Robin: “It has a big plot at the end!”

What is Your Age

Clara: My husband says I look younger in this hat.

Sara: Oh, really? What is Your age?

Clara: Thirty.

sara: No, I mean without the hat!

They Never Stop

Mother: Judy, I have Told you before not to speak when older people are talking. Wait until they stop.

Judy: I tried, but they never stop.

Ask for a Kiss

Mother: If a young Man Ask you for a Kiss, Refuse it.

Daughter: And if he doesn’t ask for it?

Stop Fishing

Policeman: You’re not allowed to fish here

Max: I’m not fishing. I’m giving my pet worm a bath!

Statue of Liberty!

Josh: Do you know why the Statue of Liberty stands in New Yourk harbor?

Jim: Because it an’t sit down??

A dog can’t Read

Mike: We lost our dog while we were on vacation.

Mark: Why not put an ad in the newspaper “Lost & Found” column?

Mike: Don’t be ridiculous. He can’t read!

Knock, Knock Omelette!

Knok, Knok

Who’s there?


Omelette who?

Omelette Smarter than I look!

Favorite Country

What’s Fish Favorite Country?

  • Finland.

Out at Night

What Fish Comes Out at Night?

  • A Star Fish.

Tired Kangaroo

What do you call a tired Kangaroo?

  • Out of bonds.

Hot Dog

What do You call a dog at the equator?

  • hot Dog.

Doges Fight

Why was the dog in lots of fight?

  • He was a boxer.

Where Frog Cash Check

Where do frog accept a new job?

  • At the Riverbank.

Fish Hit

What did the Fish say when he hit a croncrete wall?

  • Dam.

How can I leave You

He: Oh, My dear, How can I leave you?

She: By train, plane, or taxi!

Some Very Funny Jokes on Youtube By

Some Very Funny Jokes on Youtube By Chilli Jokes

I hope children like good jokes for kids. During Christmas time Children also like Christmas jokes. Read really good jokes for kids with full joy.

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