Goblin Island – An Amazing Short Moral Story for All

Goblin Island is very interesting and enjoyable bedtime story for kids.This tale about a crew of adventurous sailors. A ferocious storm leads them to Goblin Island. Let’s find out what was happen?

One day, as the sailors’ ship was bobbing up and down in the breeze, a great black storm cloud sprang out of the blue sky and whipped the sea into a frothing rage. Their boat crashed into some rocks. There it lay until the storm finally passed.

After that, when sailors looked around them, they found themselves on a beautiful beach. There were lush palm trees. It looked like paradise! Actually, it was Goblin Island, but they were unaware of it. They couldn’t believe their luck. Then, out of nowhere, appeared a group of beautiful women, carrying baskets of delicious fruits and new clothes, and inviting them to stay in their huts. And so it was that, for days on end, the sailors were treated like kings by these women, being fed one scrumptious meal after another. It all seemed too good to be true- so much so that they forgot all about their normal lives and their families and friends waiting at home.

After several days, a sailor asked one of the women why there were no men on the island (Goblin Island). She replied that they had sailed away many years ago and never returned. That night the same sailor heard voices. So he crept from his bed to the next hut and listened at the door. “We need to fatten them up and eat them before they escape,” said a woman’s voice.

Peeping through a crack in the door, the sailor saw- to his astonishment. A group of ugly goblins instead of the beautiful women he had expected! “We’ve been tricked!” he gasped. “They’re not women, but goblins in disguise, and they’re feeding us up so we’re juicy to eat!”

In the morning, he told his fellow sailors what he’d seen and heard. They were all terribly frightened. Except for one big strong sailor, “You must have been dreaming!” he insisted, “These beautiful women can’t possibly be goblins. I’m not leaving.”

While he stomped off back to the huts, the others fell to their knees and begged the gods of the happy lands to help them. One of the gods, who had been watching all along, was pleased they had realized their mistake and decided to help them. In a flash, he changed himself into a magnificent winged silver horse and flew to the Goblin Island.

The grateful sailors climbed onto his back, sadly leaving behind their stubborn shipmate who still didn’t believe the truth. The horse began to spread his wings. They were overjoyed to see the last sailor come sprinting after them and clamber gratefully onto the horse’s back.

“I saw goblins heating the pot to cook us in!” he spluttered. “I’m sorry I wouldn’t listen to you. I just didn’t want to believe it.” And as soon as he said his last words, the horse flew effortlessly up and up into the sky. And fly until Goblin Island was just a tiny speck in the great blue ocean.

Moral of the Goblin Island story

It can be tempting to ignore the facts when we wish that they were different. A wise person knows the importance of facing up to the truth and they tackle every challenge head-on.

End of the Story

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