20+ Various Types of marvelous funny riddles for kids(With Explanations)

We have brought many kinds of funny riddles for kids which will make your children happy in a short time and will make them feel a unique pleasure. We find that children like to listen to funny riddles for kids with answers and solve them.

We also like to see our children being confused. We get a unique pleasure from seeing our children at that time. Along with this, children also get unique knowledge. Increase your children’s brain development with all types of funny riddles for kids with answers.

Do you also want to keep your children happy and promote their development process slowly? Through this medium, we decorate parents with entertainment giving children in many forms.

We provide all the information which will keep your children’s health good along with the development of their brainpower.

funny riddles for kids

What kind of riddles you should tell your children?

Like this, many types of easy funny riddles for kids are very much liked by the little children but I tell you about some easy funny riddles for kids that your children will keep exciting. You should also take care that, are your children boring? Keeping this problem in mind, I have brought a lot of Riddles for your children, which will keep your children very happy.

Tell Your Children Funny Riddles For Kids

What has hands, but never washes them ?

  • A clock.

How do dogs so in school ?

  • They have a ruff time.

What’s the fastest way to get to the hospital ?

  • Pick a fight with a dinosaur.

What runs around the all day and then lies under the bed with its tongue hanging out ?

  • Your sneacker.

Why can’t compiter remember their dreams ?

  • Because they are always losing their memories.

What do computer viruses eat for snacks ?

  • Microchips.

What did the pem say to the pencil ?

  • “So what’s your point?”

What kind of ship can last and forever ?

  • Friend-Ship

What dies santa do in the garden ?

  • Hoe-hoe-hoe.

What do vegetable give each other when they get married ?

  • Onion rings.

What did the glove say to the baseball ?

  • “catch tou later!”

What did the duck say when it was finished eating ?

  • “Put it on my bill”

Why was the giraffe so late for the party ?

  • Its mother told it to wash its neck.

What did mummy sings at the party ?

  • Wrap.

When the two snakes got married, whar did their towels say ?

  • Hiss and Hers.

Why do you have to go to bed ?

  • Because the bed won’t come to you.

What has a waterbed but never rests ?

  • A river.

What do lawyers wear to bed ?

  • Their briefs.

What occupation do you have to start at the top ?

  • A barber.

What is it that everyone on earth is doing right now ?

  • Growing old.

What famous baseball player wears the biggest cap ?

  • The one with the biggest head.

What is the easiest way to catch a fish ?

  • Have someone throw it to you.

What goes up when the rain comes down ?

  • Umbrellas.

How do boys laugh ?

  • “He, he, he!”

What has four wheels and files ?

  • A garbage truck.

Other ways that will make your children happy

Apart from the funerals, there are many other routes that keep your children happy. Read the list shown below which will definitely help you.

  • Riddles
  • Funny Stories
  • Animal Stories
  • Funny Jokes
  • Rhymes
  • Poems etc.

Best Funny Riddle For Kids on Youtube

If you are busy or tired of some work, then you find it difficult to handle children. At such a time, you do not get hurt, so I tell you it’s a very fun solution. I share really funny riddles for kids made on youtube that will solve your problem. I hope this trick will work for you.

10 Super funny riddles By Kingsaw Riddles

Good funny riddles for kids by Planetworm Riddles & Tests


I hope all Funny Riddles for Kids will like your kids! We write awesome stories for little aged Pupils. We make your children happy with awesome content. Our main vision is to inspire your children with full fun. Your special wishes always with us. Always keep happy with your children.

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