Foot On The Land

Foot on the land|bedtime story for kids

Foot on the land is an amazing bedtime story for kids

One day, the Emperor had come to the court and started attending the routine work. Just then, a messenger came with the message that the Empress had asked the Emperor to come to her palace. The Emperor was about to leave when another messenger came with the same message. The Emperor loved his Empress very much and hence, he had to go.

When the Emperor started leaving, all the courtiers wished him. Birbal too wished, but while doing so, he laughed slightly. The Emperor thought that Birbal had insulted him. He was furious.

At once, he ordered Birbal, “Birbal, get out of my kingdom immediately. If you place your foot, here again, I will have you hanged to death!”

According to the Emperor’s commands, Birbal left the court. The courtiers who were his rivals were very happy.

Several months passed after Birbal’s leaving the court. By now, the Emperor’s anger had subsided. In the absence of Birbal, many problems started arising in the court and the Emperor started missing Birbal’s presence.

He decided to bring back Birbal to the court. So he sent his messengers everywhere to search for Birbal.

One day the Emperor was standing in the balcony. Suddenly he saw a horse carriage coming towards the palace. He noticed that Birbal was sitting in it.

The Emperor ordered the carriage to be stopped. The carriage stopped. The Emperor asked Birbal angrily, “Birbal, why did you disobey my orders?

“Maharaj,” Birbal replied politely, “I left for China on the day when you drove me out of your court. I covered the floor of my carriage with the soil and sand of China and now I live in it.

Because of that, I do not place my foot on your land and thus, obey your orders!”

The Emperor was pleased with Birbal’s wit. He smiled and asked him to come to the court the next morning.

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