Best stories for kids

Stories can be a powerful way to teach children the difference between right and wrong. They also help children understand basic human ethics as well as behavioural patterns. As children, we grew up listening to and reading the folk tales of Panchatantra, Tinkle, Amar Chitra Katha, and Jataka stories. Although we might not know it, these short moral stories for kids played an essential role in shaping who we are today.

These stories are a great way to teach kids the values, beliefs and morals that will shape our lives. These stories are short and teach children moral values.

A collection of short moral stories for children that are still relevant today has been compiled by us. We’ve also added some modern stories with symbolic meanings, highlighted in bold. These stories were hand-picked from the

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Stories for kids in English 

  1. The Midas Touch

Moral: Be content with what you have.

This English story is about King Midas. Midas, a wealthy king from Ancient Greece, lived. He was blessed with everything he wanted and more and a beautiful daughter he loved more than his wealth.

Silenus, a loyal satyr to Dionysus, the God of Wine, Celebration and Celebration, died in Midas” garden. Midas believed that satyrs would bring him luck, so he went against his family’s wishes and let Silenus sleep in his palace until he awoke.

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After hearing about Midas’ kindness to his friend, Dionysus decided to grant Midas a wish. Midas wanted that everything he touched must become gold. Even though Dionysus knew this would lead to disaster, he presented his desire. Midas was thrilled and felt every random thing in the garden and palace, turning them into gold. He was able to turn an apple into a shiny, gold apple by simply picking it up. The courtiers were all amazed.

  1. The Musical Donkey

Moral: Always think before you act.

The update was a skinny donkey who had been starved by his local fisherman owner. He went on a hunt for food with his friend, a Jackal. They walked around the village until they came across a cucumber field. They enjoyed their dinner and decided to return to the area every night. The update began to feel better, and I could pick up more weight.

After a delicious and healthy meal of cucumbers, the donkey once insisted on singing. The jackal warned him not to do this, but the donkey stubbornly refused to listen. Update thought the jackal was jealous, even though he told the donkey his voice wasn’t’ sweet. The jackal was told by Udhata that he was happy and that it was okay to express one’s joy. The jackal again warned him about his foolish behaviour and how he was causing trouble for himself by disrupting the guards. The stupid donkey refused to budge.

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  1. The Clever Monkey

Moral: Keep calm and keep your head up when faced with difficult situations.

One day, a clever monkey lived in a tree with fresh, delicious berries. One day, a crocodile came up to the tree to tell the monkey that he had travelled a long distance and was exhausted. The crocodile was hungry and had gone in search of food. The kind monkey gave the crocodile a few berries, and he was grateful. The monkey asked if he would like to revisit him soon to get some fruit. The monkey agreed.

The next day, the crocodile returned. They became good friends, and soon this became a daily routine. They shared their lives together and shared their secrets, as friends do. The monkey heard the crocodile tell the story about his wife, who lived on the opposite side of the river. The generous monkey gave the crocodile extra berries to take home to his wife.

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  1. The Crow and the Pitcher

Moral: There is always a way.

This is a classic moral story for children that everyone grew up with.

A thirsty crow flew through a village looking for water. He searched far and wide for water but could not find it. He searched tirelessly for hours until he finally found water in a pitcher. But the water level was too low, and his beak could not reach the water.

He tried to push down the pitcher, but it was too heavy. The crow was disappointed. He thought about giving up and going to another place for water. He spotted some pebbles and had an epiphany! He took a stone from the ground and placed it in the vessel. He continued to do this until he had another rock. He continued to do this until the water reached a point where he could drink it. The crow enjoyed the water to the brim and flew home satisfied and happy!

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Story telling for kids

You are constantly bombarded by messages about reading from the moment you find out you’re pregnant with your first child. It’s not hard to see why: Reading has many benefits at all stages of a child’s development. Raising a reader can be fun, rewarding, and very easy.

Now is the right time to get reading back into your life. You can make the time and space for books you read alone and for books you share with your child. To raise a reader, you must read with your child.

Best collection of good stories for kids

  • The World’s Worst Teachers by David Walliams
  • A World Full of Spooky Stories by Angela McAllister
  • Look Both Ways: A Tale Told in Ten Blocks by Jason Reynolds
  • The Hero Next Door – edited by Olugbemisola Rhuday-Perkovich
  • Guys Read: Other Worlds – edited by Jon Scieszka
  • Funny Girl – edited by Betsy Bird
  • Flying Lessons – edited by Ellen Oh
  • Fearsome Creatures of the Lumberwoods by Hal Johnson
  • Fairy Tale Comics – edited by Chris Duffy


That’s all, folks! These stories are inspiring, and we hope you enjoy them. Please share them with your children. We recommend you visit our website if you are looking for short  moral stories in english for children. Books with engaging stories are great for personality development and character building. We would love to hear about honest stories you grew up with, and we’d love for you to share them with us!

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