Dog Loki Sees a Ghost Story

Dog Loki Sees a Ghost Story is a very interesting Halloween story for Little Kids. This story is about one Loki named Dog. One day Dog Loki sees a scary Ghost in the Jungle. Read the full story to know more.

This story is about some very interesting and funny creatures like Duck, Bear, Rabbit, and more. All characters make this story very entertaining and hilarious. Most children very much love to listen to Halloween stories at the Night. This story is perfect for learning good lessons with very much Fun.

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Halloween Story Dog Loki Sees a Ghost

One beautiful Little house in Live a Loki named cute Dog.  It is a very windy day. Dog Loki looks out of the window.  He sees the leaves falling off the trees.  

He says, “It is a good day for doing some washing.”  Loki Dog likes to be clean.

Loki goes to get all his dirty washing.  

he says, ” My sheets are dirty, ” ” and my pillowcase too. ” Loki takes the table cloth.  He takes his scarf and his dirty socks.  He puts all the dirty things into the washtub.

Then Loki Dog fills the washtub with very hot water.  He puts in lots of soap powder.  Then he rubs and he scrubs until his things are clean.  Loki goes outside to hang the clean things on the line.  The wind is blowing hard.

Loki Dog says, “Now I will go and see Scruffy Duck.” He goes to the duck pond.  Scruffy is washing her three little ducklings.  

Loki Dog says, “It is a good day for doing the washing.” 

Scruffy Duck says, ” You are silly! ” ” The wind is blowing too hard.  Look!  All your washing is ” blowing away. “

Loki Dog said, ” Oh no My washing!”  

He runs down the lane after his washing.  He finds his socks in the hedge.  He finds his table cloth on a bush.  Flippy Frog finds the scarf and pillowcase.  They are in the pond.

Poor Loki Dog.  His washing is all dirty.  He cannot find his sheet.  It is not in the hedge.  It is not in the bush.  It is not by the duck pond.  Is it in the forest? He went to the forest to find his clothes.

It is very dark in the forest.  Loki Dog is afraid.  Something goes ” Hoo – hoo hoo! ” Loki sees something white.  It is up in the tree.  

Loki Dog said, ” A ghost! ”  He is not very brave.  Loki Dog runs away fast.

Loki runs to Daffy Rabbit’s house.  Daffy is outside, washing his little car.  He rubs and he scrubs until it is clean.  

Loki says, “There is a ghost in the forest! ” 

Daffy Rabbit says,  ” No” 

Loki says, “Yes” ” It is up in the tree. ” 

Daffy Rabbit says, “Let us tell Jossy Bear”

Rabbit and Dog run to Jossy Bear’s house.  Jossy is outside, washing the windows.  He rubs and scrubs until they are clean.  

Daffy and Loki said, “Jossy, Jossy, There is a ghost in the forest!”  

Jossy said, “No” 

Daffy and Loki said,  “Yes” ” It is up in the tree. ” 

Jossy says, “Let us tell Scruffy Duck”

Scruffy and her ducklings are by the duck pond.  Merry Mole and Flippy Frog are there too.  ” 

Loki and Daffy and Jossy said, There is a ghost in the forest! ”  

Duck Scruffy said, “You are silly!”  

Loki Dog said, “Come and see”

So they all go to the forest.  They are afraid, but they try to be brave.  Then they see something white in the tree.  ” Hoo – hoo – hoo ! ” it goes.  They all hear it.  

Duck Scruffy said, ”It is a ghost !”  They are not brave at all.  They run away.

Then Cuddly Cat comes by.  She sees something white.  

” Hoo – hoo – hoo ! ” it goes.  

Cuddly cat said, ” What is that? ” 

Loki Dog said, “It is a ghost in the tree” 

Cuddly Cat said, “I will go and see” 

Hoppy said, ” Lookout! ” “The ghost will get you !”

But Cuddly is very brave.  She goes up in the tree.  She lifts up part of the sheet.  

” Hoo – hoo – hoo! ” 

Cuddly Cat said, ” Look !” 

They all shout, “We know you!” 

It is not a ghost.  It is Zozzie Owl!

Everyone looked at each other and laughed out loud.

Halloween story for kids Dog Loki Sees a Ghost Conclusion

Dog Loki sees a Ghost story that is End with full of joy. I hope Little Childrens very much love Halloween stories. If your Toddler wants to read more enjoyable stories then check out Home Page. We write lots of interesting bedtime stories for Little Kids. Stories make your children Day/Night beautiful with full of fun.