Cinderella: The Heart of a Champion

the heart of champion story for kids

The Heart of a Champion story is part of Cindrella’s Princess Story. The Heart of a champion story is basically based on the championship of Cinderella’s old horse Frou. Listen full story to know more How Frou win this championship. One day, Cinderella was visiting her old horse friend Frou in the royal stable, when … Read more

Sleeping Beauty Original Story

sleeping beauty

INTRODUCTION Once upon a time. There was a king and a queen. A beautiful princess was born in their house. Both of them were very happy with his arrival. They accepted it as happiness and invited the fairies of the country to bless the little princess but they did not invite the evil fairy named … Read more

Elena Princess of Avalor

elena princess of avalor

Once upon a time. There was a city named Avalor. There lived a special creature named Migs the Joaquin. Who loved to fly with coconut in his bag. He had two mischievous friends. Luna and Skylar. He playfully snatches Mings’ bag. But because of his fun, Baig accidentally fell down. And he fell on an … Read more

Sleeping Beauty

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Sleeping Beauty is beautiful disney princess story of one Beautyful princess and prince. Sleeping beauty is love story of princess and prince.


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Cindrella is beautyful disney princess story. This is story of one beautiful girl and their little friends. How cindrella creature friend fix her dress.