Daniel and The Lions Story

Daniel and The Lions is a very beautiful and Popular story. The story of Daniel and The Lions is about Daniel who believed in one true God. And always follow God’s way. And God saved Daniel from the lions. Won’t you know what had exactly happened? Read this amazing popular story to understand it. And do no to forget to give us valuable feedback.

Daniel and The Lions Story

A Little girl named Alice. Had some Favourite things to do. She liked to read about animals and spend time at the zoo. A Bible story Alice chose to read and read again was about a man named Daniel and some lions in a den.

One night as she was reading before she went to bed. An airmail bird brought her a note and this is what it said:

“Reading is the magic key to take you where you want to be.”

The Bible storybook she held become s giant screen. Alice walked on through to Bible land and came upon this scene. She saw a man named Daniel who’d been captured as land and brought to far off Babylon to serve the king they had. Those people prayed to many gods. But Daniel prayed to the one true God and followed in his way.

A king named Darius ruled Babylon. His kingdom was so large and grand. So that he chose many leaders to help him rule his land. Of all the chosen leaders, Daniel was so good and wise that he became the favored one in King’s eyes.

The others envied Daniel. They were jealous as can be and tried to find some failing as they watched him carefully. They found nothing wrong with Daniel. But noticed that he prayed a lot. So they put their heads together and came up with this plot.

The jealous leaders went to King Darius and said,” Oh, mighty king, we have made a law.”

“For 30 days no one shall pray nor ask for anything from any god or anyone except our mighty king. This law is for all leaders, all women, and all men. Break this law and you will face Fierce lions in their den.”

So, Darius then signed the law. But Daniel still did pray to the one true God who loved him and heard prayers every day. The others spied on Daniel, then reported to the king what they saw. And they said,” Daniel should be punished, for he dared to break your law.”

Now, Darius loved Daniel so he tried till the nighttime came to find a way to change the law. But the leaders then reminded him that this law was for everyone. So Daniel must be thrown at once into the lion’s den.  

King Darius told Daniel, “Your God surely will save you because you followed in His way.” Then Daniel went into the den where the hungry lions stayed. A great big rock sealed off the den and Daniel prayed and prayed. The lions walked around him. They showed their long sharp claws, but Daniel kept on praying while they licked hungry jaws.

All night the king was worried. And in the morning, he hurried to the lion’s den and called out Daniel’s name.

“Daniel, Daniel, Speak to me. Are you alive in there? Did God save you?”

Daniel answered.” Yes, my king.” God’s angel closed the lion’s jaws and kept Daniel safe all night. The king was glad for Daniel. He took him out and then he gathered Daniel’s enemies and threw them in the den.  The king then made a brand-new law for everyone,” Worship Daniel’s one true God and follows in his way.”

The time had come for Alice to leave that Bible scene. She went back home by walking through her special giant screen. Then Alice thought of Daniel and how his faith stayed strong. And how Daniel trusted God above when trouble came along.

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Moral of the Story of Daniel and The Lions

God’s Kingdom is forever. He saves the great and small. God loves us one and all.

End of the daniel and the lions’ den story.

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