Courage And Destiny

Courage and Destiny|Bedtime story for kids

Courage and Destiny is an Amazing Bedtime story for kids

One day, great discussion on a person’s deeds and fate was going on in the court. All we’re saying that fate is superior. But Birbal alone was saying, “A man can change his fate with his courage.”

The Emperor decided to test Birbal. He called for an elephant driver and told him, “Look, everyday Birbal goes to have a bath on the riverbanks and the path which he takes is very narrow. It is so narrow that at a time, it is impossible to go both ways. When Birbal would be going on it, send one of your elephants from the other side of the path.”

The elephant driver agreed.

The next day, as told, he brought the elephant near one end of the path. When Birbal reached the middle of the path, the elephant driver pricked the elephant with the spear.

At once, the elephant became furious and started running on the narrow path. Birbal was terribly frightened at seeing the elephant heading towards him. But still, he decided to face the calamity and fearlessly started looking at the nearby surrounding.

Nearby, he saw a weak dog. Birbal thought of an idea. Quickly he took hold of that dog and threw it on the elephant.

Luckily, the dog fell on the elephant’s neck. The dog’s claws pierced his neck. The elephant was so confused that he started going backward.

Taking advantage of the lucky chance, Birbal turned back and ran to the court.

When the Emperor saw Birbal, at once he said, “Birbal, you are right. One can change one’s fate with courage. Now, I am fully convinced.”

Birbal replied, “Maharaj, you tested me, but if I would have lost my life, then?

It is always necessary to think of the consequences before doing something! “

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