Chicken Little story For Small Kids

Chicken Little Story is an awesome story for little kids. This is a very funny story about two chickens. One day one chicken fill sky falling in their head. Read more in Story.

Once upon a time, Chicken Little was scratching in her yard, searching for tasty seeds to eat. Suddenly an acorn dropped from an oak tree and – plink! -landed on her head.

“Squaaaaawk!” said Chicken Little. “The sky is falling! A bit of it just fell on my head! I must go and warn the king!”

Chicken Little hurried out of the yard and into the lane.

“Where are you going, Chicken Little?” Asked Henny Penny.

“The sky is falling!” Replied Chicken Little. “I am off to warn the king!”

“May I come too?” “asked Henny Penny. Chicken Little agreed at once, and off they went.

“Where are you two going in such a hurry?” Asked Cocky Locky, who was resting atop a fence.

“The sky is falling!” Replied Henny Penny. “We are off to warn the king!”

“How do you know?” Asked Cocky Locky.

“Chicken Little told me!” Replied Henny Penny.

“A piece of the sky fell on me just a few moments ago! “said Chicken Little.

Cocky Locky, who wanted to see the king. decided to join them. Together they continued down the lane.

“Where are you three going?” Called Ducky Lucky.

“The sky is falling!” Said Cocky Locky. “Henny Penny told me so!”

“Chicken Little told me so!” Said Henny Penny.

“A bit of sky fell on my head!” explained Chicken Little. “Come along with us! We must warn the king!

So Ducky Lucky joined the group.

“Where are you four going in such a hurry?” Goosey Loosey wanted to know.

“The sky is falling! “replied Ducky Lucky.” Cocky Locky just told me!”

“Well, Henny Penny told me so! “said Cocky Locky.

“And Chicken Little told me so! “said Henny Penny.

“A bit of the sky fell down on my head!” said Chicken Little.” We are off to warn the king. Would you like to come along?”

Goosey Loosey did want to come along. Off they all dashed down the lane.

Next they met Turkey Lurkey. “Where are all of you going?” He asked them curiously.

“The sky is falling!” Said Goosey Loosey. “We must warn the king”

Turkey Lurkey looked worriedly up at the sky. “May come with you?” He asked them.

“Certainly!” They all cried together and off the group dashed down the lane.

Foxy Loxy leaned against a tree, watching the group run down the lane. “Where are you all going in such a hurry?” He inquired with a sly smile.

“To warn the king!” Panted Turkey Lurkey.

“Yes, before it’s too late!” Added Goosey Loosey.

“Because the sky is falling!” Puffed Ducky Lucky.

“Henny Penny told me!” Said Cocky Locky.

“Chicken Little felt it falll” huffed Henny Penny.

“Yes! Some sky fell on my head!” Chicken Little told the fox

“Is that so?” Said Foxy Loxy. “Well, I know a shortcut. Why don’t you follow me?” He suggested.

The tired travelers gratefully followed Foxy Loxy.

The animals did not realize it, but Foxy Loxy led them to his den. Quick as a flash, he leaped at the group. They scattered in fright, but not before Foxy Loxy caught Goosey Loosey in his paws. Just as he was about to gobble her up, a tree branch broke and fell on his head with a crash.

“It appears the sky really is falling!” Mumbled the dazed fox, releasing Goosey Loosey.

The others grabbed Goosey Loosey and ran away as fast as they could. They hid behind a stone wall and breathed a giant sigh of relief.

At that moment, the king and his two attendants galloped into view. They stopped when they saw the group of animals by the wall.

“Your Majesty! Your Majesty! We were just on our way to warn you at great peril to ourselves that the sky is falling!” Cried Chicken Little. “A bit of it fell on my head this very day!”

The king leaned down and plucked a tiny acorn from the feathers of the little chicken’s head. “It was only an acorn,” he said to her gently. “Next time, think about the situation before running off and alarming everyone!”

And so the group returned home, a bit wiser than before.

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End of the Chicken Little story

I hope your small age children very enjoy this funny chicken little story. the story teaches a very good lesson to your children. If you want to tell more bedtime stories to your children then check Amazing Story Home Page. We write very moral and funny stories and also rhymes and poems for your kids.

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