Chicken Little Story: Alien Invasion

Chicken Little Story: Alien Invasion is a very interesting bedtime story. This story is about two Father and Son Chickens and Aliens. Read the full story to know more about How Aliens One day they come to the ground and uproot all the corn. How Little Chickens Stop This all activities.

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Chicken Little was tired of everyone laughing at him. It all started when something fell from the sky and hit him on the head. “The sky is falling!” he’d yelled. His warning caused a panic in Oakey Oaks, the town that he lived in. When he told everyone what happened, no one believed him-not even his dad, Buck. They all thought an acorn had fallen from an oak tree and hit him. Since then, he had been known as “that crazy little chicken.”

Life was just getting back to normal when part of the sky fell again right into Chicken Little’s bedroom. He thought it looked like some sort of panel. “Nooo!” he cried. This couldn’t be happening again!

“What’s wrong?” asked his dad, bursting into the room. “Nothing,” replied Chicken Little. “I, uh fell out of bed!” He quickly hid the panel. If anyone found out he thought the sky had fallen again. life would be awful.

As soon as his father left, Chicken Little called his friends Abby, Runt, and Fish and begged them to come over.

“I’m sure there’s a simple explanation,” Abby said when she saw the panel. “It could be a piece of a weather balloon, or maybe it’s part of some experimental communications satellite.”

“I don’t care what it is,” Chicken Little announced. “Are you gonna help me get rid of it or not?”

While the others tried to figure out a plan, Fish climbed on top of the panel. To everyone’s surprise, it floated off the floor and zoomed out the window!

“Come on!” cried Chicken Little. He and his pals raced outside and chased after Fish.

The panel come to a stop over the beseball stadium. Suddenly a bright light filled the sky, and a spaceship appeared! Chicken Little and Runt ran for shelter in the dugout-but Abby was too scared to move.

“C’mon, let’s get out of here!” Chicken Little yelled. He grabbed Abby’s arm and pulled her to safety just as the spaceship landed.

While the friends watched, two spidery-looking aliens dropped out of the hatch and scuttled off.

“Poor Fish!” Runt cried. “He’s gone!” “Not yet,” said Abby. She pointed to the top of the ship. There was Fish, waving happily.

Chicken Little, Abby, and Runt climbed aboard the spaceship to rescue Fish. Inside, it was dark and creepy. Eerie lights zapped on and off, and tentacles hung down from the ceiling.

The only friendly sight was a cute, fuzzy orange creature floating in a beam of light. Chicken Little stopped and winked at it, and the alien winked back. Then it hopped down and quietly followed Chicken Little.

“Where are you, Fish?” Runt whispered frantically. All the spooky sights and sounds were making him very nervous.

Suddenly, Fish jumped out from behind a screen. He was just fine.

“All right, let’s get out of here,” Abby ordered. But now Runt was missing!

Fish pointed to a room down the hall. The Runt was staring up at the ceiling with a terrified look on his face. A giant picture of the entire solar system was on the wall. Several planets were crossed out, but Earth was circled and arrows were pointed at it. It looked like the aliens were going to destroy the planet!

“We’re running back to your house, and you’re going to tell your dad,” Abby said.

Chicken Little agreed. Meanwhile, the aliens had returned to the ship and discovered that the fuzzy orange creature was missing. The aliens saw Chicken Little and his puls and assumed they’d taken it!

Chicken Litle, Abby, Runt, and Fish left the ship and ran Into the forest. The aliens were right behind them and catching up fast! The friends accidentally tumbled down a hill into a cornfield. They crouched down among the stalks as the aliens shined flashlights over the field.

Bzzz! Bzzz! Bzzz! Spinning blades came out of the aliens’ arms, and they began to chop down row upon row of corn, still trying to find Chicken Little and his friends. The aliens were right next to them! If they wanted to live, the friends had to leave the cornfield- and fast!

“Hurry!” urged Chicken Little. As the four zigzagged through the field, trying to make their escape, Abby realized there was no time to waste.

“We’ve got to ring the school bell to warn everyone!” she cried.

Chicken Little and the others dashed out of the field. They knew they didn’t have much time before the aliens caught up with them. But when they reached the school, the doors were locked!

Thinking quickly, Chicken Little used a fizzy bottle of soda to rocket himself to the bell tower. Then he grabbed the rope and pulled the bell with all his might. Ding-dong! Ding-dong!

The aliens fled back to their ship just as the alarmed townspeople gathered at the school. Everyone thought Chicken Little had imagined the whole thing just like he had imagined that the sky was falling.

“Dad,” pleaded Chicken Little, “I’m not making this up. You gotta believe me this time!” “No, son, I don’t,” Buck answered.

Later, as Chicken Little sat in his yard, the little orange alien that had been following him showed up. Luckily, Fish came by, too. He could understand the creature’s language. It turned out the alien’s name was Kirby, and he had been left behind by the spaceship.

“Don’t cry,” said Chicken Little reassuringly. “We’ll do whatever it takes to get you back home.”

Just then, the sky began to rumble and crack into pieces. Rubble poured down like hail. Buck and the rest of the town ran outside to see what was the matter. They couldn’t believe what they saw: a fleet of spaceships hovered over the town hall. Oakey Oaks was being invaded by aliens!

Instantly, the town erupted in panic. Screams filled the air as the people of Oakey Oaks fled anywhere they could.

“It’s just a rescue mission,” Chicken Little explained to his father. He told Buck about Kirby and asked his dad to help him reunite the little alien with his parents.

Buck finally realized that Chicken Little had been telling the truth all along. “Just tell what you need me to do,” he said.

By now, things in Oakey Oaks had gotten even worse. Aliens were dropping out of their ships and vaporizing everything in their paths! Even so, Buck listened to his son’s plan.

“All we have to do is duck and weave through traffic,” Chicken Little said, “and make our way through the town square while avoiding death rays from those alien robots. Then we get to the town hall, climb up to the highest point on the roof, and give the kid back to its parents.” Buck agreed-he trusted his son.

Buck, Kirby, and Chicken Little drove through town quickly, moving right and left to dodge the aliens’ vaporizing rays. When they finally reached the town hall, one of the angry creatures blocked their path.

“Okay, son,” said Buck. “Now what?” Just then, Runt zipped by in a fire truck and pulled them aboard. He raced to the town hall and Buck, Chicken Little, and Kirby went up to the building’s domed rooftop. “Here’s your kid!” shouted Chicken Little, holding Kirby up to the spaceship.

A beam of light shot down from the ship and instantly transported Buck, Kirby, and Chicken Little inside. A huge image of an angry, three-eyed alien confronted them. “Why did you take our child?” it boomed.

Buck tried to explain that it had all been a harmless misunderstanding, but the big red alien was not convinced.

“You have violated intergalactic law, a charge punishable by immediate particle disintegration,” the voice said.

Luckily, Kirby explained that Buck was telling the truth. Just then, two scary, spidery-looking aliens appeared. Their armor opened up to reveal two small, furry aliens who looked just like Kirby. They were his parents, Melvin and Tina. Melvin had used a special screen and microphone to make himself seem big and scary.

He explained how the aliens came to Earth every year to gather acorns- and that Oakey Oaks had the best ones in the universe.

Then the aliens unvaporized what they had destroyed, and everything was back to normal. As they started to leave- clunk!-a blue panel fell off their ship.

“Every time we come here this thing falls off,” complained Tina. “Someday, it’s gonna hit somebody on the head.”

“Nonsense!” replied Melvin. “The chances of that happening are a million to one!”

Chicken Little knew just how wrong Melvin was. He and his dad looked at each other as the alien family’s spaceship took off. Maybe life would finally get back to normal.

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Chicken Little Story: Alien Invasion Conclusion

Finally, the Story ends with full of happiness and love. Chicken Little Story is a very popular story. I hope your kids very much love this story. If you want to tell more stories then check our website Amazing Story Home Page. It makes your children’s night beautiful with full of fun.

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