Caterpillar story

Caterpillar story is a very old and popular bedtime story for kids. This is a story about one little Caterpillar. Every time a caterpillar eats more and more leaves. Read the full story to know more How to creep Caterpillar becomes a flying caterpillar.

caterpillar story

Caterpillar was always hungry. For weeks he crunched and munched his way through the fresh, juicy leaves of a blackberry bush. One day caterpillar was about to crunch into another leaf when a bumblebee landed beside him.

“Wow,” Said the caterpillar. “How did you get here?”
“Simple,” said bumblebee. “I flew, I have wings, look.” “Oh! I’d like some of those.” said the caterpillar.

Bumblebee buzzed among the flower. “I’d love to fly like that.” Said Caterpillar. “You can’t,” Said bumblebee. “You have not got the wings. Your legs are for walking.” Bumblebee flew off. Caterpillar returns to crunching and munching until it was time to bed.

Caterpillar woke early. Birds swooped and soared in the morning sunshine. Caterpillar was about to start his breakfast when a sparrow landed beside him. “I’d love to fly like you.” said the caterpillar. “Well, you can’t.” said the sparrow. You need to be light as a dandelion clock floating on the breeze. You are very fat to fly.”

Catterlpillarcarried on crunching and munching all day until lights began to dim. He wrapped leaves around himself to go to sleep. But just then butterfly landed gracefully beside him. “I’d love to fly like you, but I don’t have wings and I am fat.” “Perhaps you will fly one-day caterpillar.” Said butterfly with a smile. “But for now you should sleep.”

The butterfly was right. Caterpillar suddenly felt very sleepy. As the butterfly flew off into the night sky, he fell into a deep deep sleep. He dreamed he had wings and flying in the blue sky above all the trees. He dreamed to be light as a feather, floating in the breeze. Caterpillar slept all through the winter, and his sleep was filled up with dreams.

When the caterpillar woke up he felt the warmth of the spring sun. He was stiff from his long sleep. But he did not feel very hungry. A breeze lifted the caterpillar into the air. He was no longer short and plump. He had wings. Great, big, wonderful Butterfly wings. “Wow,” said a young butterfly.”I am flying, I am really flying.”

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Caterpillar Story On Youtube

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Caterpillar Story Conclusion

Finally, Caterpillar’s Story ends with full of happiness. I hope your children really very much enjoy Caterpillar’s story. This is a very cool bedtime story. If your children very enjoy this story then please check more bedtime stories on our website.

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