Cars Story: Thunder and lightning

Cars story is a very famous and very interesting bedtime story for kids. This story is based on Cars race. In this story One day a big race takes place in California, in which three cars participate. To know which car wins then read the full story of Cars.

car story

The race that Lightning McQueen had always dreamed of-the Dinoco 400-was just minutes from starting. The winner would get the Piston Cup trophy and the right to the Dinoco sponsorship. Fame and fortune were on the line, and the rookie race car wanted both.

In the quiet of his Rust-eze trailer, McQueen prepared himself. “I’m faster than fast, quicker than quick,” he said. “I am Lightning.” Finally, he was ready to greet his fans. McQueen flashed his lightning- holt sticker as he burst out of his trailer. “Ku-chow!” he cried. The cars in the stands honked their horns. They loved this hotshot rookie.

McQueen loved the applause. He wanted to be a superstar, but first, he had to beat The King and Chick Hicks. The King had won more Piston Cups than any other car in history, and Dinoco had been his sponsor for years. Now he was ready to retire. Could he win one last race?

Not if Chick Hicks had his way! He had been chasing The King’s tail fin his entire career, always coming in second. He was determined to become the new champion and get the Dinoco sponsorship-no matter what. The cars went to the starting line.

The officials waved the flag. Engines roared and the ground shook. The race cars were off!

Right at the start, McQueen zoomed ahead of Chick. Then-pow!-Chick rammed into McQueen and sent him spinning. Chick was set on winning, even if he had to use a few dirty tricks!

As The King took the lead, Chick slammed into another racer. Behind him, cars screeched and skidded. Crash! Smash! Crunch! The cars piled up. “Ger through that, McQueen” Chick taunted his rookie rival.

Coming up from the rear, McQueen dodged the wreckage. He rode over the top of one cat-like skateboard. Then he leapfrogged off another and landed perfectly on the track.

As Chick was getting new tires and gas in the pit row, McQueen 2oomed past. He wasn’t going to make a pit stop-he was a one-man show. “C’mon, ger me out there!” Chick yelled to his crew.

Eventually, McQueen pulled in for a pit stop. His crew sprang into action. They told him he needed new tires, but McQueen ignored them “No tires, just gas!” the rookie insisted. He didn’t have time for tires

“Looks like it’s all ‘gas ‘n’ goes’ for McQueen today,” the announcer said in disbelief as McQueen roared out of the pit. It was a risky strategy.

Back on the track, the white flag waved. There was only one more lap to go!

“Aw, he’s got it in the bag!” the announcer shouted. “We’re gonna crown us a new champion!” The fans went wild. McQueen could taste the victory, until…


“Oh, no!” the announcer yelled. “McQueen has blown a tire!” Only a hundred feet from the finish, McQueen grunted and hobbled along. He didn’t have for to go-he knew he could make it before Chick and The King saught him. Then. ka-blam!

Another tire blew. The rookie was riding on his rims!

McQueen was only fifty feet from the finish, but The King and Chick were gaining on him. Sparks flew as the rookie’s rear rims scraped the truck.

“And down the stretch, they come!” shouted the announcer. Chick and The King surged forward as McQueen leaped, hopped, and even stuck out his tongue to try to win by a few inches.

The checkered flag dropped us the three cars CrOSsed the finish line. It was too close to call!

In Victory, Lune Chick approached McQueen and growled, “The Piston Cup-it’s mine.” “In your dreams, Thunder,” snd McQueen. “What are you talking about Thunder?” asked Chick.

“Hey, you know, because thunder always comes after lightning,” McQueen sad with u smile.

The King drove over to McQueen. He couldn’t believe the rookie hadn’t listened to his crew. “This ain’t a one-man deal, kid,” he said.

But McQueen wasn’t interested. He had only one thing on his mind: being announced the winner.

At last, the results were in! Incredibly, all three top cars had crossed the finish line at the same time! A tiebreaker race would be held in California in a week.”

The first one to California gets Dinoco all to himself taunted Chick Lightning McQueen had a lot learn, but for now, he only cared about me thin-getting to California-and fast Ku-chow!

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Cars Story Conclusion

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