Cain and Abel – Popular Story of Two Brothers

Cain and Abel is a popular story about two brothers. In this tale one brother killed another brother. Reason for the killing was just because God did not accept his offering. To know more about what had actually happed read the full Cain and Abel story

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The story of Cain and Abel is Beginning

In due time Adam and Eve had two sons. The one born first they named Cain, and the one who was born next, they named Abel. When the boys grew up, Cain became a farmer and Abel became a shepherd.

One day they both went to make their offering to God as was the custom then, just as it is today when people still bring offerings to their church at Harvest Thanksgiving and other festivals.

Cain brought some of the best crops and fruit which he had grown. And Abel brought the first lamb born to one of his sheep and gave the best parts of it as his offering.

Now God was pleased with Abel’s gift because it had been given in the right spirit. But somehow Cain had the wrong attitude to giving him, and so God was not pleased with it.

Cain became very angry that his gift was not acceptable, and he scowled in fury at his brother.

“Why are you so angry? asked God. ‘Why are you frowning like that? If you had offered your gift in the right spirit, you would be smiling now instead of looking as black as thunder. You must be careful, for it is just when you feel as you do that sin is waiting to conquer you and make you do worse things. You must overcome it.

But Cain didn’t listen to this good advice. He just let his angry feelings smolder inside him and, as God had warned, his thoughts soon turned into deeds.

Not long afterward Cain said to Abel, ‘Let’s go out into the open country.’ Abel agreed, so off they went, and when they were far out into the fields, Cain turned upon his brother and killed him.

Perhaps he thought that, as they were far away from everyone, no one would ever find out what he had done; but God knew, and He asked Cain, “Where is your brother Abel?”

Cain was scared. And he made things worse by replying. ‘I don’t know. Am I supposed to look after my brother all the time?” He knew perfectly well that the answer to that was “Yes, but he tried to hide his wicked deed.

“What have you done? said, God. “Your brother’s blood is crying out to me from the ground like a voice calling for revenge. You must leave here. No longer may you farm the earth which has soaked up your brother’s blood. If you try to grow crops, the land will not produce anything. From now on you will remain a homeless wanderer.’

Cain was horrified. He said to God, “This punishment is much too great for me to bear. You are driving me away from the land and from Your presence”. Cain thought that God could only be found in his old home. He did not know that God was everywhere.

“I shall be a fugitive,” Cain went on, “a wanderer, and anyone who finds me will kill me.”

Cain must have shown the beginnings of sorrow, for God put a special mark upon him as a warning to anyone who met him not to kill him.

Sadly, Cain went away and lived in a land whose name means ‘Wandering’ and which lies to the east of Eden. Later Adam and Eve had another son named Seth, and Eve became less unhappy and said, “God has given me a son in place of Abel whom Cain killed.”

End of Story Bible Cain and Abel

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