Buddha and Buddhism – Part 2

This is the part 2 of Buddha and Buddhism. Read carefully and enjoy it.

Modern life can, at times, be rife with stress – whether about Modern relationships money, or a whole range of matters. Fortunately, ancient Buddhist teachings can help us to deal with this stress. By encouraging us to infuse our all-too-often hectic, goal-driven lives with more of a sense of peace, love, and compassion.

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And it’s not just adults who suffer from stress and anxiety. Children too, have to cope with all sorts of stressful issues from an early age these days. For example, peer pressure, academic expectations, bullying, family breakdown. This means that the wise words of the Buddha can be just as beneficial for them. For encouraging them to have a positive approach to life’s problems. And helping them to find a calm place inside themselves whenever they need it – a safe inner refuge.

Buddhist principles can also help to prevent us and our children from falling into the modern trap of always ” wanting more ” – as if external ” things ” in themselves, whether toys, clothes, or whatever else, are going to bring happiness. In contrast to such materialism, Buddhism teaches that children, like adults, will only develop into truly happy, well-rounded individuals by looking inward and recognizing the wonder of their own existence.

Another important teaching of Buddha is that we can find the greatest happiness in life. When we dedicate ourselves towards loving and compassion.

Another Buddhist tenet that is particularly relevant today is that we should appreciate every single, precious moment. As each is gone in the blink of an eye and no two are ever quite the same. This teaching not only encourages our children to focus on experiencing life to the full but also helps them to accept the impermanence of all things, making it easier for them to understand changes that occur in their life – whether moving house, starting a new school. growing older or losing a loved one.

“The wind has settled, the blossoms have fallen; Birds sing, the mountains grow dark. This is the wondrous power of Buddhism. “

End Of Buddha And Buddhism Part 2

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