Birbal’s Khichri

Birbal’s Khichri|Akbar and Birbal

Birbal’s Khichri is a Popular bedtime story of Akbar and Birbal Moral Stories

One day, Emperor Akbar and Birbal went for a walk. They were passing along the side of a pond. It was winter and the weather was very cold.

Birbal suddenly said, “A man will do anything for money!”

The Emperor thought for a while upon Birbal’s comment. He dipped his finger the cold waters of the pond and quickly removed it out. His whole body shivered with a cold due to the freezing water.

He said, “Birbal, I do not agree with what you say. Now, who will be able to stand one entire night in this pond? And that too, with a bare body! It is just impossible even if you give a lot of money for this! “

“And if it becomes possible, then? ”Birbal asked.

“Then I will give that man one thousand gold coins,” Emperor Akbar replied.

Birbal said, “Well, then I will surely find such a person!”

The next day, Birbal roamed through the whole town, At last, he found a poor man, who agreed to stand one full night in the cold pond.

After all, his poverty could be removed by one thousand gold coins.

Then Birbal took The man to the Emperor. The Emperor asked him, “Will you really stand the entire night in this pond? And that too with a bare body?”.

The poor man replied, “Yes, Your Majesty, I will certainly do this for one thousand gold coins!”

The Emperor then posted guards along the pond poor man stood in the pond naked. The Emperor asked the guards to keep a watch on the man and returned to the palace.

The night was extremely cold. Yet, the man stood throughout the night in the pond. In the morning, he was taken before the Emperor.

The Emperor asked him. “Did you really spend the whole night in the pond in such biting cold?

The poor man replied, “Yes, Maharaj, you may ask the watchmen if you like!”

The guards agreed with the poor man. The Emperor was quite astonished. He asked, “How could you stand on such a cold night?”

The poor man then said, “All through the night, I kept staring at the street – light!”

The Emperor at once said,” Hmm! So that is the reason. You could get warmth from the street – light. I won’t give you any reward for that!”

The poor man was driven out of the palace. He went to Birbal and asked for help.

Birbal listened to him sympathetically. He said to the poor man,” Don’t worry. You will definitely get that reward.”

The next day, at the court time there was no sign of Birbal anywhere. The Emperor inquired about him. He was told that Birbal was yet to have his lunch.

The Emperor waited for a long time. Yet Birbal failed to arrive. At last, the Emperor sent a message to Birbal. But, Birbal sent a reply, “My‘ Khichri ’is not yet cooked. When it will be ready, I will come!

“One hour passed. Birbal had not yet come to the court.

Now, the Emperor became anxious and he decided to visit Birbal himself. He started for Birbal’s house along with some of the courtiers.

When they approached Birbal’s house, they saw a strange sight.

Birbal had fixed three bamboos in the ground. From their upper ends, a pot was suspended at a height of about five feet from the ground.

And on the ground, Birbal was sitting burning small twigs. The Emperor and the courtiers started laughing at seeing this funny sight.

Birbal looked towards them. The Emperor asked him, “Aren’t you coming to the court, Birbal?”

Birbal replied,” Your Majesty, as soon as this “Khichri” will be cooked, I will come!

“But where is your “Khichri? The Emperor questioned.

“In this pot on the bamboo stand, ”Birbal replied.

The Emperor smiled and said, “But this pot is too high. How can the heat of these little twigs reach up to it? Your “Khichri” can never be cooked in this manner!”

Birbal asked,” Why, It will definitely be cooked! ”

But, Birbal, the pot is too far from the heat of the fire! How do you expect the “Khichri” to be cooked? The Emperor asked.

Birbal said innocently, “Why should it not? Yesterday, that man stood in the pond. The street light was one furlong away from him. Yet, he could feel its warmth. Then, this pot is only five feet high. My “Khichri” is bound to get cooked, isn’t it?”

The Emperor realized his mistake. He said,” I understand what you mean. Now come to the court with us! ”

“But my “Khichri”, Birbal muttered.

The Emperor smiled and said, “Birbal, your” Khichri “is cooked. Call that poor man. I will give him one thousand gold coins. He certainly deserves it!”

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