Birbal’s Justice

Birbal’s Justice|Bedtime story for kids

Birbal’s Justice is an amazing bedtime story for kids

One day, Birbal requested Emperor Akbar, “Whenever I will commit a crime, let me choose the judges who will decide my punishment. This is my request to you. Please accept it!”

The Emperor agreed and Birbal was indeed very pleased.

One day, Birbal committed a serious mistake by chance. The Emperor sent for Birbal and showed him his mistake. He told me that he was to bear the punishment also.

Suddenly Birbal remembered his request. He reminded the Emperor of it. The Emperor agreed and asked him to choose his own judges.

Birbal appointed five cobblers as the judges. The Emperor asked with surprise, “What justice can these cobblers give? You should have chosen some educated persons instead!”

But finally, according to Birbal’s choice, the five cobblers were called.

Birbal explained his mistake to them and asked them to do justice.

The cobblers were very happy to see that Birbal had called them to solve the case.

But suddenly, they remembered that some years ago, Birbal had caused much trouble to them. Hence, they got a chance to take revenge.

Amongst them, the first cobbler said, “Maharaj! Birbal’s crime is certainly a major one. He must pay a fine of one hundred and fifty rupees!

The second one said, “Such a big punishment and that too of a fine?” He shivered to hear such a great fine. He thought that this would affect Birbal’s wife and children adversely. They will be driven to the streets. he decreased the fine amount by twenty rupees.

The third one found the fine of one hundred and thirty rupees very much and so he lessened it by sixty rupees.

The fourth cobbler considered even this to be excessive. The fifth one too agreed with him.

Finally, after some discussion, it was decided that Birbal should pay a fine of forty rupees.

The Emperor was fully convinced that Birbal was clever to appoint cobblers as judges and thus escape a big punishment.

Afterward, the cobblers went away. The Emperor thought of forty rupees to be nothing. But for the poor cobblers, this was certainly a large amount. After a year’s hard work, it was not possible for them to save even twenty to twenty-five rupees.

He felt pity for the poverty-stricken condition of the cobblers. And also, felt pleased with Birbal’s wit and wisdom.

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