Birbal’s Help

Birbal’s Help|Akbar and Birbal

Birbal’s Help is an amazing bedtime story for kids

One day, after having a fine lunch, Birbal was sitting outside his house eating ‘paan? Just then he saw one of the Emperor’s servants hurriedly passing on the street.

Birbal called to him “Hey, where are you going in such a hurry in the hot sun?

The servant replied, “Maharaj has asked for two seers of lime.”

Birbal on listening to him asked, “What was the Emperor doing when he asked you to bring the lime?”

“After his lunch. I gave His Majesty a ‘paan’. He ate it and immediately ordered me to bring two seers of lime!”

Birbal thought for a while and said,” You silly, then your days are surely numbered. You must have put excess lime in his ‘paan’ and the Emperor’s mouth must have burnt. So to punish you, he must have asked you to bring two seers of lime. Now, he will make you eat it! “.

The servant was frightened on hearing Birbal.” My God, What should I do now? He asked.

Birbal replied, “Look, there is no reason to be afraid Buy one seer of lime and add one seer of butter to it. In this way, there will be no effect of the lime.”

The servant did as per Birbal’s instructions. What Birbal had said turned out to be true. The Emperor made the servant eat all the lime. The servant ate it. But, even then, he came to work the next day at the usual time.

The Emperor was surprised. Yet, his anger had not subsided.

He sent for a lime supplier and told him, “Tomorrow, I will send a man to you. You throw him in the lime kiln.”

The lime supplier agreed and went away. The Emperor then told the servant,” Look, tomorrow early morning, you go to the lime supplier’s colony and then enter the third house. Ask for five seers of lime for me! “

Accordingly, the next morning, the servant went for the lime. But, before that, he came to Birbal and told him what had happened on the earlier day.

Birbal listened to the servant. Then he said, “Don’t go just now!”

But, meanwhile, something else happened! When the Emperor was talking with the lime – supplier, another servant was listening to them. He was very happy to know that the servant was to die soon. Hence, he decided to be present when the former servant dies.

So, the crooked servant came to the lime – supplier who thought that the Emperor had asked to kill this very servant. So, he threw that servant in the hot oven.

After some time, the first servant came to him and asked for five seers of lime.

The lime – supplier thought that this was the Emperor’s order and gave him the lime. The servant returned back to the court with the lime.

The Emperor looked at him with astonishment. “Did you see anyone on your way?” He asked.

The servant replied, “No, Your Majesty. But on my way, Birbal asked me to come to him and I went to his place. “The Emperor quietly took the lime without a single word.

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