Birbal And Tansen

Akbar and Tansen|Bedtime story for kids

Birbal and Tansen is an amazing bedtime story for kids

As Birbal was Emperor Akbar’s greatest favorite, his enemies used to feel jealous of him. Once, a courtier who was envious of Birbal said to the Emperor, “Maharaj, instead of Birbal, you should appoint the world-famous singer Tansen as the Prime Minister.

The Emperor said, “Well! I will have to take a small test for both of them. The one who passes it will be the Prime Minister!”

The next day Emperor Akbar gave a sealed letter to Birbal and Tansen and said, ” Take this message to the Emperor of Russia and bring back his reply to me!”

When they reached Russia, they handed the letter to the Emperor. In the letter it was written,” Please kill these two men immediately!”

At once, the Emperor of Russia ordered to cut off the heads of Tansen and Birbal. Accordingly, both were taken by the guards to the place where their heads were to be cut off.

Tansen was very frightened. He started crying and sobbing. He said to Birbal, “Birbal, I don’t want to be the Prime Minister, but please save me from this death – punishment!”

Birbal was not at all worried. He whispered something in his ears. On hearing this, Tansen’s fear lessened. Then both of them started arguing on the priority to be killed first. Birbal said, “Kill me first!”

While Tansen said, “No sir. Let my head be cut off first!”

“No, no, let mine be cut ….!”

All were astonished to listen to their argument. They told the strange incident to their Emperor.

The Emperor too was surprised when he learned this. He asked,” What is the reason behind your desire to be killed first?”

At once, Birbal said,” Your Majesty, we are not supposed to reveal this secret. You do according to what our Emperor has requested you to do!”

The Emperor now became even more anxious. He said,” No! no! I won’t kill any of you two before knowing the reason!

Then Birbal said, “Maharaj, our Emperor Akbar secretly wants to conquer your kingdom. But you are too strong to be defeated. Emperor Akbar’s guru told him, that if he sends two innocent men to your kingdom and makes you kill them, then you will commit a sin and thus, Akbar would be able to conquer your land. The guru had also said that the one who will die first will be the Emperor of Russia in his next birth and the person who will be killed afterward will be 25 The Prime Minister. So I want you to kill me first!”

The Emperor on listening this refused to kill either of the two. He said, “It is impossible. I cannot kill you when I know that this will be a sinful deed!”

The Emperor sent the back to India. Emperor Akbar was surprised to see them back safe and sound from Russia.

Tansen then told him,” Maharaj, Birbal is really worthy of the Prime Minister’s post. Had he not been there I was sure to die!”

All the courtiers who previously felt jealous of Birbal bent down their heads in shame.

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