Begum Is Outwitted

Begum is outwitted|Bedtime story for kids

Begum is outwitted is an amazing bedtime story for kids

Emperor Akbar and his Empress often used to have minor quarrels with each other. One day while quarreling, the Empress asked, “You must prove that your love for me is genuine, so, do as I wish. You relieve Birbal of his post and appoint was my brother Sherkhan in his place.”

The Emperor tried to reason with the Empress but she was adamant. Finally, the Emperor said, “I won’t tell Birbal anything. You yourself say whatever you want.”

The Begum was pleased and said, “I have a fine idea. Tomorrow, we will both act as if we are having a quarrel. Then you say to Birbal, that – if the Empress will not ask me to be forgiven, I will suspend you from your post. In this manner, the blame won’t be placed upon you.”

The next day, as already decided, the Emperor and the Empress started quarreling violently and the Emperor fuming with anger went to stay in a different palace.

When Birbal went to the Emperor, the Emperor said, “Birbal, in any case, the Empress must beg me to be forgiven or else, you will be removed from your position.”

Birbal, after listening to the Emperor came outside and called a guard. He whispered something in his ears and then started chatting with the Empress in such a manner as if he knew nothing about the quarrel.

As per his instructions, after some time, the guard came in and said, “Maharaj is saying that everything has happened as decided. He is very impatient now and is asking you to bring along that person.

Birbal at once stood up. The Empress asked, “What is the matter Birbal? Which person has to be brought?”

Birbal replied, please forgive me, but I am not permitted to reveal who the person is! “and went away.

Now, the Empress was very much disturbed and unpleasant thoughts started coming in her mind. She became suspicious that something fishy was going on. She thought, “That person must certainly be some other woman. This means that the Emperor is going to remarry. My God! I will certainly destroy my family life in the desire of making my brother the Vazir.”

She at once ran to the Emperor and kneeling down at his feet started crying. The Emperor said, “What is the matter? Why are you crying? The Empress replied with tears in her eyes, “Nothing. Please forgive me. I was wrong. But please don’t re-marry!”

The Emperor was surprised to hear this. He asked, “Who told you so?”

The Empress narrated to him whatever Birbal had said. The Emperor laughed heartily on hearing the Empress and said, “You silly! Birbal has certainly duped you! It is not a child’s play to outwit Birbal. Have you understood this at least now? “

The Empress nodded and smiled.

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