Foot On The Land

Akbar and Birbal bedtime story

Fot on the land is bedtime story for kids. This story is Great king Akbar and thair clever Gems Birba. In this story Birbal laough When Akbar is coming in Royal palace court and Akbar announces the departure of Birbal from the court.

The Blue Jackal

The Blue Jackal bedtime story

The story of jackal is one part of bedtime story for kids Panchatantra story. In this story jackal is when went to searchin food in house of washrman Read more..

The Crafty Crane And The Craftier Crab

The crafty crane and the craftier crab

The crafty crane and the craftier crab is bedtime story for kids this story is part of panchatantra bedtime story. In this story Once upon a time, an old crane lived on the rim of a large lake in the middle of a jungle. Because of age, it was not able to prey on fish and other insects read more..

The Bed’s Pleasure

Akbar and Birbal bedtime story

Akbar and birbal is bedtime story for kids. In this story One time a servant used to do the work of arranging the Emperor’s bed he feels to lie on the royal bed same moment, a guard saw him getting out of the bed. Read more..

The Fall And Rise Of A Merchant

The fall and rise of merchant

The fall and rise of Merchant is is bedtime story for kids in english. In this story a wealthy merchant named Dantila. He held a great reception for his wedding attended by the king, the queen.Present at the reception was Gorambha, a lowly sweeper in the royal household. When Dantila saw him occupying a seat reserved for the nobles of the king, he ordered his servants to throw him out of his house. read more….

The List Of Fools

The list of fool

The List Of Fools is an amazing bedtime story for readers.It is part of Akbar and Birbal Moral stories. In this story one day king Akbar Impressed by one hource selling man, he gave her a million rupees without knowing his background details. Birbal realize to Akbar,his mistake.

The Verbal Reward

akbar and birbal

The verbal reward bedtime story for kids. This story Great king Akbar shrewd Gems Birbal realized one rich man his mistake and he gave away a handsome reward to the poet.

The Monkey And The Wedge

The Mokey and the wedge

The Mokey and The Wedge is bedtime story for kids in english and it contains bedtime story of one mokey, One day, when the workers left for lunch a batch of monkeys landed at the temple site and began playing with whatever caught their fancy see more….