Bedtime Stories For Kids In English That feel relaxes your children (Audio|Vidio|PDF)

Our bedtime stories for kids have been kid-tested and kid-approved. Kids like our stories and parents love the special time they spend reading with them each night. Our bedtime stories and all our stories for kids are read by children of many ages to ensure a reading level, as well as understanding, are perfect. 

Famous bedtime stories for toddler

1 Panchatantra stories

Story of Panchatantra is an amazing bedtime story for aged 1 to 7 children. Panchatantra’s story consists of lots of small and short stories and tells of many animals living in the forest like a lion, rabbit, fox, deer, turtle, too many animals, and birds. stories of Panchatantra in English bedtime stories for children are very interesting and enjoyable for the children as well as give the children a true lesson to suit their life. The effect of this story is to make small children feel better and increase their small comprehension power.

Read Panchatantra Bedtime stories for kids

2 Arabian Night or One Thousand and One Nights Stories

Children are always active and naughty and sometimes makes it difficult for parents to put them to sleep at night time. Arabian nights story is a collection of very good stories that will be useful for parents to Put to sleep their children on time. There are many stories in Arabian night stories which make children very happy and also teaches children good Lifelong lessons.

The Arabian Night stories were originally written in the 18th Century, in which it is a magnificent collection of ancient tales told by the sultana Scheherazade, who relates them as entertainment for her jealous and murderous husband, hoping to keep him amused and herself alive and it goes on.

Arabian nights include Alibaba and forty thieves, The fisherman and genie, Sinbad and sailor, Wonderful lamp, The tale of three apples, etc. Read a full history of Arabian Nights

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Mermaids, fairies, magic, and talking animals are what come to mind when thinking of fairy tales for kids. These fairy tales for kids tales are so much more than just stories.

They can also be used to teach your children about values, such as kindness and endurance, as seen below, and are one of the best tools for intricate learning. Read fairy bedtime story from the below link.

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Read funny bedtime stories for kids

Funny bedtime stories for kids are useful for keeping children happy. Funny stories fill children with enthusiasm and increase their confidence power which is seen when children wake up in the morning. Funny stories also affect the good health of children. Read the below stories…

1 Hare and Tortoise story

Hare and Tortoise story

Hare and Tortoise is a very popular and teachable funny story to tell kids. Hare and Tortoise is a story about one tortoise and foolish hare(Rabbit). One day the cunning rabbit tells the tortoise to race with him the naive tortoise gets ready for it but the rabbit’s Bad shrewdness doesn’t work and the naive rabbit wins the race.

Hare and Tortoise story Check here

2 The Thirsty crow

The Thirsty crow

There was a crow living in a town that was very clever and intelligent. One summer afternoon he went out for finding food. After some time because of the heat of the sun, crow felt very thirsty and started searching for water here and there.

After searching for some time, he finds a pot filled with half water but due to the depth of the water and the smallmouth of the pitcher, he cannot able to drink it. And he employs a tactic and quenches his thirst with them. Which tactic does the crow use? Read the story to know more.

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3 The Crocodile and Mokey

The Crocodile and Monkey

Once upon a time, a monkey lived in a tree by a river. The monkey was alone as he had no friends or family but he was happy and content. One day, a crocodile was swimming up the river. He climbed on to the bank to rest under the monkey’s tree.

Now you might think that the crocodile would want to eat the monkey, but this was a very kind and gentle crocodile and the thought never entered his head. But Seeing this friendship between the crocodile and the monkey, his parents wished to eat the monkey.

One day at the behest of the parents, he goes to take the monkey and he tells his parents’ wish to the monkey on halfway. Hearing this, the monkey gets frightened and know how to get out of this problem. Read more in the story.

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4 The Musical Donkey

Donkey and jackal

Donkey is an amazing character in funny stories. In this funny story, one-day donkey and jackal meet one farmer’s farm that time donkey eats some smooth and testy grass at that time cunning fox tells the donkey to sing one song.

When a stupid donkey starts singing loudly, the farmers are quickly wake up when they hear donkey’s Dissonant voice and chase the donkey out of the farm.

Read The musical donkey funny bedtime stories to read free Check here

5 When Papa Punished Me

papa panishment
When Papa Punished Me

When papa punished me is a very funny bedtime story for kids. In this story, the father punishes his child when his son makes a mistake over and over again despite warning his child too much. This funny story teaches children fun with Always obey your parents.

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Read awesome short bedtime stories for kids in English

These story stories include short stories such as children’s school time stories, children game playing time stories, Christmas stories, Punishment stories, Good Lesson Learning stories, and more related short stories.

Tell this Short Bedtime stories when the child is going to bed after eating dinner in the evening. Reading a bedtime story every night is helpful for children and parents, too! Reading short stories each night to your child has been proven to improve children’s brainpower, reading, and vocabulary skills.

1 The Gingerbread Man

The Gingerbread man is an amazing and funny bedtime story for girls. This is a story about one Gingerbread. The little old woman and the little old man were hungry, so the little old woman decided to bake a gingerbread man.

She made a big batch of gingerbread dough, then rolled it flat and cut it in the shape of a gingerbread man Due to a cook’s mistake, gingerbread falls to the ground and starts to run fast Read more in store.

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2 A True Story About A Girl

Girl write teir thought on book

A True Story About A Girl is an amazing bedtime story for girls readers. In this story, One Luisa named girl lives in a poor family. she was very fond of reading and writing since childhood. She becomes a famous writer due to her childhood writing habit and good skill. Read more in the story…

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3 Cinderella

Cinderella is a famous bedtime story of fairy tales. This is a story about one poor girl cinderella who are lived with her stepmother and two stepsisters. Poor Cinderella had to work hard all day long so the others could rest. Read more in the story.

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4 The Country Mouse And The City Mouse

The meeting of mouse

The Country Mouse And The City Mouse is a good story for toddlers. One day the city rat invites his friend into the city to show his urban life. But after coming to the city, the village Rat comes in big problems. Read more in the story…

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classic bedtime stories for kids

In classic bedtime stories for kids include stories of royalties, kings and their kingdoms, and many more stories.

Akbar and Birbal classic Stoires

Robert king and kingdom

This classic bedtime stories for kids are Indian Great king Akbar and their 9 Gems in one the clever and shrewd Gems Birbal. This story contains many cases of the ingenuity of Birbal. It is a more teachable bedtime story for kids.

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Best bedtime stories book for kids

Best bedtime stories Audiobook for kids

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