The Bed’s Pleasure

The bed’s pleasure|bedtime story for kids

The Bed’s Pleasure is an Amazing bedtime Story For Kids

A servant used to do the work of arranging the Emperor’s bed in the royal bedroom. One day while making the bed, he was tempted to lie on it for some time.

He thought, “Let me see, how it feels to lie on the royal bed! “and secretly lay on it. But he quickly got up with the fear that someone may see him.

But, at the same moment, a guard saw him getting out of the bed. Unfortunately, the guard and the servant were not on good terms. with each other. The guard was pleased to have a golden opportunity of complaining against the servant to the Emperor.

He at once went to Emperor Akbar and told him what the servant had done. The Emperor was furious on hearing this and angrily shouted, ” Give that servant a punishment of twenty – five lashes tomorrow morning. Saying so, the Emperor left his palace. The servant was scared of hearing the punishment and immediately went to Birbal’s place. There, he told Birbal what had happened. Birbal listened to it and simply said, “Do as I say and don’t worry at all. The servant was relieved at hearing this and peacefully went to the palace and slept.

At midnight, the whole palace woke up due to someone’s shouting and crying. All came out to see what was the matter. They were surprised to see that the person who was crying was none other than the servant whom the Emperor had given punishment. Raising both of his hands, he was saying, “I feel pity for His Majesty! God, please forgive My Lord. “He was continuously crying in the manner and dancing with his hands towards the sky. The other guards thought that perhaps he was under some evil power and started sprinkling water upon him.

The Emperor and Empress too woke up by the noise. They came down. to the servant’s quarter. Yet the shouts did not stop. “please forgive My Lord! God, I feel great sympathy for His Majesty! “

But when the Emperor came, the servant started crying and tears welled in his eyes. He was saying,” Maharaj, What will be your condition? What a great punishment for you! As compared to your’s mine is nothing! “

The Emperor was very surprised and asked, “What punishment! What are you saying? Don’t talk rubbish!”

The servant still crying, said, “Maharaj, I saw a terrible dream. In it, the ‘Yamdoot’ or messenger of death had tied you to a pillar and was lashing you. I saw this and coming in – between said, “Sir, please don’t lash my Emperor. Beat me. “

But the ‘Yamdoot’ said,” No! No! This man must bear the punishment. You slept only for a few seconds on that bed and were sentenced to twenty-five lashes, this Emperor is sleeping there for years. He must be lashed thousands of times.

Saying so, he started beating you. The servant said and started crying endlessly.

The Emperor kept quiet and canceled his punishment. He guessed that this must be Birbal’s idea.

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