Bambi: The Race

Bambi: The Race is a very awful and interesting bedtime story for little kids. This is a very popular Disney bedtime story. This is a story about Bambi and Thumper. Read the full story to know more, How One day, they both run a race among themselves and know who is winning this race.

Good morning, young Prince, “Thumper greeted Bambi one bright winter day.” Good morning, Thumper, “Bambi said.” I have a great idea, Bambi. Let’s have a race, “Thumper said.” We’ll start from here. “He drew a line in the dirt.” And whoever makes it to that big pine tree over there first, wins the race.”

“But it would be silly for us to race, Bambi told his friend. “Why’s that?” Thumper asked, confused “Because I’ll Bambi said” What makes you so sure! Thumper challenged, putting up his chest.

“Because I’m bigger and faster than you, Bambi explained.” If you’re so sure you’ll win, “Thumper said,” why are you afraid to race me? ” “Bambi paused to think about this. He didn’t want to hurt the little rabbit’s feelings.” Fine, “he said at last.” Let’s race! “

“Great! “Thumper exclaimed. “Ready?” “Ready!” Bambi said. “Okay,” Thumper said, crouching down. Bambi crouched down too. “On your mark. Get set. Go!” Cried Thumper. They both took olf as fast as they could. Bambi with his long legs and big, wide stride, immediately took the lead. But Thumper’s small size helped him to dart through the underbrush and slip through some tight groups of trees. When Bambi looked back, he saw that Thumper was right on his heels. Thumper took the opportunity to hop past Bambi. Bambi paused to jump over a tree that had been knocked down, blocking the path. Thumper was able to wriggle under it. He popped up in front of Bambi and took the lead.

Bambi took longer and longer strides, running faster and faster. Soon he had passed Thumper. But, in his hurry to you fast as he could, he got tangled up in a bush. As Bambi struggled to free himself, Thumper hopped past him again.

They were quickly approaching the big pine tree. Bambi was running as fast as he could, jumping over logs and bushes. Thumper hopped as quickly as his bunny legs would carry him, ducking and weaving through whatever obstacles were in his way. As they crossed the finish line, they were in a neck and necktie.

“See!” Said Thumper, panting. “Little guys can keep up!” “You are absolutely right!” Bambi said, also panting and the two friends, both winners, sat down together to catch their breath.

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Bambi: The Race Conclusion

I hope your children very much love Bambi: The Race story. This is a very interesting bedtime story for your kids. If your kids want to read more bedtime stories then check our Home Page. We write more types of bedtime stories for your kids. Stories help every parent to give good entertainment to their childrens.

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