5 Amazing Facts About Your Children Which Need To Know Parents

we will tell 5 such facts about children who are below 10 years that parents need to know. We are saying these Five secret facts based on the studies of many children, which have been said by many doctors and researchers. There are many doctors in this world, who have been working on studies of children’s brains for many years, they do a lot of research about it and based on its report, they tell many secrets which are very useful in improving the brain powers of children. This article helps all parents to the physical and mental growth of your children.

1 Children First Start learning

Do you know where your children start learning? His answer is that Children start learning from their parents. Do you know what the first word your child uttered from his mouth? Yes, you thought right, he had heard the first word from your mouth and said it. So the first and one true fact is that our children start with us to learn something and they do it. Did you know this thing now? So from now on, you know that whatever conversation you have in your midst or with a guest or in front of the children, then you do not know what is happening, but the children listen to all that mind carefully and tell it.

What should I do?

As a good parent, you should not do any bad things in front of your children, which has bad effects on them. You should not do any kind of abuse because it can have an effect on your child’s mental condition and then he learns all from you. And always remember that the beginning of learning your child learns from you and all the human beings who appear before it.

2 Fear of children

As we all know that when the age of children is between 3 to 5 years, then they are mentally ready to test this world and try to understand it. We know that children are very sensitive, they take the reality of the scenes appearing on TV many times, but do you know what effect it is having on your children? If you do not know, then you need to know that when you see any Horror Movies or any kind of imaginary Moves in front of your children, then the children begin to understand them and they feel that this is true and its effect is Not good on the delicate mind. It affects your children’s brain very poorly. All these things revolve in the sensitive mind of the child when they fall asleep and suddenly the child wakes up in fear at night and starts crying. Sometimes the child is scared of the darkness. All these things are affected by the arrival of some things on his mind.

What should I do?

When our child is going through this, then we should keep the children away from any of these things and if they start believing these things to be true, then the parents should convince the children that this is not true. Even when we go for a walk with our child, we should be careful not to let children see any such scenes which have a bad effect on his mind and try to make him a weak child. Only when your child starts to understand this truth, you have to allow your children to see Movies or such shows.

3 Smile Of Children

When your child is 3 to 5 years old, he starts laughing after seeing your activity. Sometimes when we start getting angry at him, even then the children do not understand our anger and start laughing loudly. It is very fun and good for children. Many scientists believe that when we are laughing, many diseases in our body go away and we also believe that laughter is good for our health. If needed, we should always make our children happy, which increases his brain powers and decreases children’s health issues. The happiness of your children can be a big step towards the good health of your children.

What should I do to make our children happy?

We know that children love to watch cartoons and with them, they like to solve Puzzles and read stories, then you know that this is the way to keep your children happy and to boost their brain powers. Taking him along with him to Zoo, walking in the gardens, and taking him on a trip outside, makes the children happy and has a positive effect on his mind. We do not ask you to spend more on the expenses behind your children, we say that you give him what is good for his health which along with the growth of the mind of your children will also create good health.

4 Children intelligence power

You know how active your children are when we wake up in the morning, then they wake up before us and put the hand of questions in front of us, which are very ripe. But have you thought about why those children ask us so many questions? So you should know that your children are too young to know this world and the way we know this world fully, they do not understand it so much, that is why they have asked us countless questions. It has a small brain behind it which still grows slowly. Even if his questions are unsuited for us but we should give a complete answer to his all questions so that he starts slowly to understand everything, if we postpone his talk then it will not be good for us and we Will be responsible for stopping the growth of brainpower. 

What Should I Do to Boost intelligence power?

We give you 3 tips to increase your child’s brain intelligence, which has been mentioned below.

  1. Note all the good and bad habits of your children and when they do something bad, tell them that it is a bad habit and when they do something good, then tell them that you have done it well so that they will inspire and correct their wrong things and Will maintain good habits. 
  2. Give your children a task that is easy and a little difficult, even a task that the children do not get tired of and proceed to them like some competitive games like “I spy”, “Hide-and-seek”, “Scavenger hunt”, etc. 
  3. To improve the mathematics of your children, give your children several games like Puzzles which will boost the problem-solving power of the children.

5 Sleeping Time Of Your Children

Children are very sensitive and energetic at a young age, they do not get tired of playing all day, now when it comes to putting them to sleep then many parents do not let their children sleep till late in the night and it becomes a big problem for all parents. Parents should not be sad thinking about it because every parent faces this problem, they always worry that our child does not know how to sleep properly and will it affect his health? So we want to say that yes, this has an effect on the health of the children as well as the routine life cycle of their body because immediately by this change, the health of the children starts to weaken and they are not as smooth as they actually should be and its effect It starts happening on his mind too and his brain power gradually starts to slowly decrease.

How to put your children to sleep at the right time?

Many parents make many efforts to get their children to sleep at the right time, like telling Rhymes or singing songs, and many unsuccessful attempts. According to us, children are very active at a young age and their mind rotates in small things, then you have to concentrate their attention to one side to make your children sleep. At this time, bedtime stories help children to learn because at that age, children are very happy to learn something new and stories give everything to the children, which makes them happy as well as stories teach well to our children.

Always Remember this Five Things

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